Tuesday, February 28, 2012


That's me whining.  'Cause apparently making fun of my mother's bleachin' (I said BLEACH mother) ways is obviously a HUGE no-no. 

Because for days now I have been heavily acquainted with our couch.  So much so, that poor Chase's 17th  birthday went by in a blur of  me sleeping, dizzy, vomiting and no cake.  Yep, slacker sick mother that I am, I did not get a cake, bake a cake, quite frankly CARE if there was a cake.  Dad stepped in and took the kiddos to eat out Chinese buffet, of course.  No cake there either.  Guess I'll play make up this weekend when Chloe is back.

Haven't missed her either, who has time when your whole awakened state is "If I lay still enough can I avoid puking? " Didn't work-- SICK I tell ya. No fun in my world.

I guess it's one way to pass the time my girl is unreachable in the jungle, although I'm NOT recommending it to anyone to try.  I do know I am on the mend, I'm getting longer periods of not sleeping although the dizziness is quick to return when I think I can do this or that- any one of the hundreds of things I should have been doing over the last 2 days instead of being out of it. 

I wasn't TOO out of it yesterday when Kat brought me the mail and our return document mailer was in there.  I thought.  'Cause I opened it and it wasn't OUR document at all.  Someone else's birth certificate I've never heard of.  OIY.  So I called the Dept of State and left a message, to which they responded immediately. Faster than I thought.  

And they assured me although they had sent us some unknown child's birth certificate, they had NOT sent our Home Study off to someone else. PHEWW.  They had it and it will be certified and overnighted to arrive today along with a mailer to return the unknown-to-us child's birth certificate with no charge to us.  Thank God for that. 

I also got in the mail, a letter I already got one copy of for Chance, this was the same thing from the school for Chloe and it hadn't been stamped so it was "postage due?"  Uh, hello?  Not amused by that people. Our heavily paid tax money for our public school is going WHERE?  I mean, really?

I didn't even get pictures of my newly 17 year old son, I did say something at one point about it, I know I did, yet when I was clear headed enough to look at my camera these were the only new, not-taken-by-me, pictures?  Not one of the birthday boy? Not that Miss Kitty and Chance aren't as cute as the dickens.

But I guess it's true when mom is down the house goes to pot.  (Not the illegal stuff MOM) 

Let's hope and pray that my bug is going, going, gone and I can be back on top of my game asap.  I *think* the family misses me:)  I do know Dad is happy I am on the mend, when I asked him to bring me wonton soup and 7 up after he gets off work today as I am feeling better he texted "SWEET."  Isn't he just too funny?  Either that or he's hoping I do those dishes they left piled up before he gets home? HUMMMM, I just don't think that's gonna happen.

I'm going back to the couch now:(  


Andi said...

Get well soon!

mom2three said...

Sorry that you were so sick, and hoping you are feeling even better by now. Maybe this was God's way to keep you from fretting about Chloe. Anyone else get it?

Grandma Shelley said...

Vickie, I hope you are all recovered by now. You have been on my mind, girlie!