Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well now

Now that I feel loads lighter and I have tons of options to consider I'll share the conversation of said mother who does not listen (YOU MOTHER)

Mom-  "What is wrong with you? Are you going to become a crazy jailbird?" 

Me- "Well, it would take care of us adopting again."

Mom- "Don't make me come up there."

Hubby laughed his head off, then got amazingly quiet.  Then he said "What crime will you commit?"
did he really just ask me that?

So unless Lolly and Polly skip on over here and give me some ideas, I've decided to just hang on for this rollercoaster ride of adoption and stay on the straight and narrow to keep mom from coming  My heart will remain with the not-yet-chosen children, my prayers will be for God to show people these children (like He did us) and make the costs mean nothing compared to the love and awe you feel when you KNOW this is your son/daughter.

'Cause my issues were- I can't hurt anyone, it's not in me.  I can't steal, it's just wrong.  I can't do drugs or anything else like that, not my style. My poison is chocolate unless they make it illegal.

Maybe parking tickets? But I live in the country.  Not a meter in sight?  

Now the declared nuts, I'm thinkin' that would be an easier one to go with. I mean, 12 kids, something has gotten to have gone during the raising of all these buggers?  Why not my sanity?

 Whatcha think?

MOM-- we are JOKING-- 

something that is amusing or ridiculous, especially becauseof being ludicrously inadequate or a sham; a thing, situation,or person laughed at rather than taken seriously; farce:Their pretense of generosity is a joke. An officer with no ability to command is a joke.

Just for you mom, the definition, and really you COULD lighten up. 
Love, your wayward daughter.

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