Friday, February 17, 2012

Middle of the night

Here it is the middle of the night.  What am I doing up?  Beats me. (Every time I say that near Chloe she says "What? You want me to beat you?")

I just thought it would be fun to post again today, since I seem to be on a roll. Did you notice?  A post every day for DAYS.  Not gonna mention they were about ME, not a hint of what these kiddos are up to. I won't make you guess who pointed that out. MOM

So what ARE these kids up to? Well, Chance got snotty and had to apologize over something dumb.  Hey. At least he is LEARNING to apologize, and not pout for days.  He LISTENED (might want to jot that date down for the record) when I told him things happen, he goes wrong, apologize and move on.

Since he did "man up" he got to go skating last night with the rest of the crew.  I declined the invitation to stand and watch them and instead took one Miss Kitty to the store for some Mommy time.

Kat and I had a really good time, she was singing all through the check out and so happy over a pack of gum she got, I said "Wow, I can't recall the last time a pack of gum made me that happy:)"  

The happiness continued when we got a "Happy Meal" and it's amazing how cheap one kid is to feed junk food.  I mean, I would probably never cook if we had just one. Another reason we were meant to be larger than life:) Goodness, she even got a cute little bear with her meal.  It just doesn't get much better in Miss Kitty's world.

Unless her sister was home, that is.  We talked quite a bit about Phoebe, and Kat seems to have a really good understanding that sister might not be a loving and kind sister at first.  She could just be sad, scared, mad, not want to share. I was comforted to know Kat seems to realize Phoebe's potential issues and also has a grasp on it not being her fault or a reason to not like Phoebe.  She will need time.

We go over this so that we are prepared as much as possible and are able to let Kat see what she can expect and what we will do if things aren't rosy at first. Kat is very anxious and excited to get her sister HERE.

What did Kat and I buy at the store?  I know you didn't ask but I'm gonna tell ya.  'Cause it's stuff for Chloe to go on her mission trip.  I haven't mentioned it because honestly I was trying to pretend it wasn't coming so fast.  She leaves in a WEEK.  Less than a week now.  AHHHHHH.  I'm seriously wondering how I'm not going to freak out. At least it won't be because Chloe doesn't have bug spray, hand sanitizer, or a rain poncho. Check, check and check.  

She leaves on her 3rd anniversary of Gotcha. She keeps adding years on to that, last week she said "It's 4 years since Gotcha, right mom?"  This week she said "I've been home 5 years so I can go to mission trip, right mom?"  Along with trying to convince us she is really going to be 17 last week and 18 this week on her next birthday, we just say "yeah, right, Chloe.(insert mom's sarcasm here) And she smiles and says "I'm right?"

As right as rain, daughter o' mine.

She told my niece she wanted her to get married so she could be her "wise man."  When we figured out she meant "bridesmaid" and corrected her she said "yeah, yeah, whatever" and didn't bat an eye as she said again, "I want to be someone's wise man."  

Chase had a friend over to go skating with them.  Nice kid, he said we had a beautiful home as we drove off to meet the church group going skating.  And I pointed out the trailer we lived in for 4 months, till the house was done.  And I casually said "We lived there till it was done, 2 bedrooms, no TV, no phone, no internet."  Oh, how far we have come.  Remember the summer of agony trying to get this place done?  And now it's "Oh, 4 months, doesn't seem like it was too awfully long."  How soon we forget.  Must be like those labor pains and why I have such a big family- ha ha ha.

For once, the kids all went and no one came back crying, mad, injured or upset.  We could hardly believe it.  Matter of fact, we questioned all of them.  It just doesn't happen.  Now trust me when I say I will hear something by Sunday for sure.  No way we sent 5 of them off to somewhere without one of us and nothing happened.  Nothing at all.  Do they think we are silly enough to believe that? From our crew?

Chase's friend mentioned that he never talks to Chase about his past. Ever.  I told him he should, it wouldn't hurt anything, it might help Chase.  That we know our children came with a past and have told them nothing they did, or that happened to them in the past changes how we feel about them.  Part of healing and moving forward for our teen treasures is coming to grips with their past and accepting that it was what it was.

Can't change it.  Can't go back and do it over. Don't have to be ashamed of it.  I've seen Chloe get there. It's painful for them for sure, but making sure they know God loves them and we love them no matter what seems to help them with that acceptance. 

The crew are off school today and Monday.  No big plans, mainly just getting Chloe packed up and ready to go- sniff, sniff.

Momma's gonna miss her girl. So thankful though that she is going on a mission to show God's love to others.  WOW.  Who would have thought 3 years ago when I got the shock of my life adopting her that we would be here today?  This girl is GOING places. 

We are so blessed by her and are proud to call her our DAUGHTER.

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