Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My littles

If you have littles you gotta know how they come up with comments that just tickle your funny bone. Or hurt your heart.  All in the same sentence.  I love, love love the innocence of them.

Kat came home on Monday and said her one friend couldn't go out to play during recess time for very long.  I asked her why, expecting a comment that she had gotten in trouble.  No, she said "She doesn't have a coat."  And being the momma bear I am, I said - "Do you mean she forgot to bring it?"  And she corrected me with "She doesn't HAVE a coat and said they can't afford one."

OUCH.  Right in our own "backyard."  So I told Kat, please ask her what her size is, is she bigger than you (Ha ha, everyone is bigger than her) but I wanted the right size.Because to me, that's a need.  Even our child saw this need.  

We had JUST bought 2 coats, one intended for Phoebe and one for Kat for next year because we found them on clearance for dirt cheap.  And  God knew we would NEED a coat this week.  Maybe Phoebe will be bigger than we thought, even if she isn't God WILL provide another coat for our girls, without a doubt.  So I thanked Him for the coat in our closet we pulled out and sent off to school with Miss Kitty today.

A need met.  It doesn't always mean adopting, raising more children, a ton of cash.  You CAN help children in your OWN neighborhood.  Times are tough, we aren't rich, so many people are struggling with simple needs.  But if we open our eyes, look around, ask around, I bet you can find someone with a need.  And we have been so blessed ourselves.  Just Monday I cooked a lovely turkey given to us by a church friend.  It fed us for 2 suppers:)  That's big here.

Sometimes a need can be met just praying, asking God to bring peace to someone, caring enough to raise up the words to Him.  Costs 0 dollars, but is  the MOST important thing we can do.  Because we can't do anything without HIM. He LOVES  the little girl with no coat who today will get one:)  He took care of her.

I did have to laugh as Kat and I were heading out to go to her bus stop and I stopped off in my laundry room to throw a load of clothes in the wash.  Kat said "Boy mom it's really not very nice that you have to touch every one's dirty unders to do laundry." And I said "Maybe not, but it's part of having kids."  So she said "That's why I am only ever having 1 baby. Then I'll have 4 teens or so."  

I'm wondering at that point does she maybe want to BE a teen before she decides she wants to raise 4 teens?  But I asked her if she thought they were less work?  And she said "yeah, and mine will listen better than yours."  OHHHH.  Okay then.  Have at it, Miss Kitty.  Let me know how that works for ya:)

So on to the other "little" who may not be little much longer. Mr. Camden.  The dreaded "Can your son watch a film on puberty" permission slip came home.OIY.  Not ready for another teen here.  NOT YET.

But it's coming. Like it or not.  He left me this on the counter this morn.  Now understand (MOM) we do have paper.  My children do NOT, I repeat, do NOT have to write me notes on tissues.  Matter of fact, a small notebook was RIGHT BESIDE the tissue box?  But no, a tissue works so much more better, right?

I have had in the back of my mind to have a sit down with Cam, to ask his view on having all these adopted siblings.  Because one factor in adopting that is HUGE is the children already in the family, their personalities, their needs.  And I feel God leading me to share Cam's view because he would our last bio child and almost an only if we hadn't been so blessed with our treasures. Hard to imagine that, huh?

Tune in later for more fun:)

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