Friday, February 24, 2012

Here I am

Well, here I am.  On a Friday evening in my jammies before it's even dark. Nope, not sick (mom don't call and tell me bleach the dishes and  doorknobs)  just bone tired.

I worked extra this week, like a ton extra, all while trying to keep the house running smoothly, making sure everyone had clean unders in case anyone was in an accident. (see MOM I did hear you) Not that anyone was. Nope.

B-U-S-Y has been my middle name.  My Brandon turned 23 this week.  Oh, where have the years gone?   My little Bonkie no longer.  

Our niece invited us out to dinner to celebrate Chloe's 3 year Gotcha Day, yep, 3 years ago I met this slip of a girl who was doing her best to blend into the floor, she was soooo scared.  Then to have me ask who she was found with and have me tell her the unthinkable news that we DIDN'T KNOW she had brothers and we WOULD come back for them. OIY, I can only imagine how she felt.  

She asked for a stuffed panda for her day and she was thrilled when mother pulled off getting her one.  She only changed what she wanted about 10 times in the last month! So the last minute bear was no small feat.

Besides her fickle ways, she's come so far:)  We all have.  But on her Gotcha Day Anniversary, yesterday I loaded her up and took her to meet the bus to go to Costa Rica on a church mission trip.  Yes, I sent my new daughter to the jungle.

I'm gonna tell ya too.  I lost it.  When she said "I don't think I want to go" on the way to the bus, I started crying.  And I'm not a crier.  But I cried the whole time they were loading up, I cried the whole way home and I cried myself to sleep. I can't believe I let her go.

Now, before you all tell me what a wonderful thing she is doing, I think I've lost my mind.  I mean, what was I thinking sending my kid off to the JUNGLE? My little girl? (I did send her with PLENTY of snacks)

She has called me twice, she asked if I was "okay."  I told her I  was even though I'm not so sure.  9 days.  NINE WHOLE DAYS till she is back.

It *might* get a little teary over here:(

In other news-- paperwork for Phoebe is moving along. Sent off stuff to the state for certifications.  And although I am not a believer of LUCK, I do believe in God's encouragement and every time I work on papers for Phoebe I see a little lady bug.  

They are known as "good luck" in Chinese adoptions, so a sighting is supposed to be a big thing.  We aren't over run with them, at least not yet, and no matter how cold it has been a lady bug has appeared as I work on the papers.

So there's our week in review. Lots going on. Sorry to make you all wait to get the news.  Forgive me (MOM)

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Jean said...

Enjoying catching up on you and your family!

I can't believe you sent her! Oh just kidding- she will be fine and she will love it!

I miss my kids when I'm away for an afternoon (although I do enjoy myself also!).