Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V day

Someone said to me one time- you don't ever have TOO many people who love you or for you to  love.  
Gosh, I have so many I love and who love me:)  Isn't that wonderful? 

I hope all of you feel loved today and every day.  Because you are, LOVED.

Here's how I show my love- I SHARE my chocolate.  BIG deal around here:))

My family will not doubt they are very loved that is if they have any of those m&m's left by the time they come home.

I'll try to contain myself. It's gonna be tough.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.


Sherri said...

I hope you counted and made sure they have equal numbers of M & M's! :)

ronvic7 said...

Too funny, I thought of that. But I ran on the "wild side" and didn't count them- ohhh, I know, I live soooo dangerously!!