Monday, February 6, 2012

Football Anyone?

Am I the ONLY one out there who really doesn't give 2 hoots about FOOTBALL?  Surely not?

I was left alone in the upstairs watching Titant*c for the 100th time and eating snacks for supper.  Now, lest you think I am complaining, nope, not for a second, am I going there.  I gladly took my peace and quiet and snacks.  Dad got them ALL to cheer and follow along on that senseless game that seems so utterly important to all.

I'm not going to complain either that I have a cold.  One day last week I recall one of these lovies saying they had a "sore throat and green snot."  The green snot description I could have done without, but they seem to think since I am a nurse that I want all those gory details.  So as they are very fond of coughing on me, I am not surprised I now have a cold.

I *would* like to sleep and breathe at the same time.  I'd like to.  It's not been happening. I AM thankful I am not coughing my fool head off.  It could be worse.  It's just a simple little cold, hardly worth mentioning now that I have devoted 2 paragraphs to it

I have to tell you.  We are seeing odd and amazing things.  Saturday morn, Chase came up the steps for breakfast SMILING.  Openly smiling.  Dad AND Chloe both said "What are you smiling about?"  And I said "Maybe he is just HAPPY?? What, he can't even SMILE?"  But seriously this young man doesn't crack a grin often.  

He's changing.  His heart belonging to God has made visible, wonderful changes in him.  I called all the kiddos together for a picture, we needed family photos we have to send with our paperwork, and as Donovan had graced us with his presence for once.

Now normally we would have to tell Chase to stop looking away, stop looking mad, stop, stop and stop. Didn't have to say ANYTHING to him.  Donovan doesn't seem to know how to smile either, and really, he could stop growing now.  He's already 6 ft 3.  My tallest son, Derrik is 6 ft 4.  I'm not sure how I grow these big tall boys.  I'm 5 ft 5 BTW.  I know Chance is jealous, he asked Donovan how he "get so tall?"

And Donovan added fuel to Chance's fire, he told him to "eat, eat, eat." Like Chance needs any help or encouragement in that department- OIY.

Speaking of that Donovan. Senior year.  Accepted at a tech school to become an electrician.  This young man was playing with/asking for extension cords for his 9th birthday.  So no surprise of career choices there.  But, any hoos, between a job, school, fire calls, hanging at the fire hall, driving, we hardly SEE the dude. I complain.  I LIKE having time with him.  I guess it's prep for college time, but I don't like it.  

Now before you all ask if we added in that little guy without telling you all, the curly haired one, I would NEVER do that to you.  You know better.  He's our niece's baby and our honorary "grandson."  He LOVES all the kids and he didn't get why he didn't need to be in my picture. (I know, how DARE me- BAD Nana)

I'm going to share the kind of football I DO appreciate, so you all don't think I am totally unAmerican and shameful-- Dad passing ball with his boys.  Just so cool to see that male bonding thing:)  Aren't they so cute?

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Jerry and Christy said...

We went to our son's house last night and no one watched the "O Holy Football Game". We enjoyed our children and grandchildren. None of us want to watch the Super bowl.
I am so happy to hear that God is working on Chase's heart. He is the only one who can change his life.