Sunday, February 12, 2012

Camden's take

I thought it would interesting/educational to ask Camden his point of view of how adopting has affected/changed his life.  

You see, when adopting one of THE MOST important things is the children still living at home. (Donovan is too busy to bother for this post as he is 17 1/2, driving, working and in his senior year of school- busy, busy, busy SONshine.)

Here's what I asked Camden-

How do you feel  adopting has changed your life?

More siblings.

Do you like having more siblings?


Is there any thing we should consider when adopting children?

No one near my age or not a boy near my age because they would be jealous. (like Chance is)

So you don't mind a girl?

She will team up with Kat and fight with me.

Does it ever seem strange to be the only bio kid at home (besides Donovan)?


Do you feel the same about all your siblings (adopted, bio, foster)? 


Do you ever get asked about your family, why you have Chinese siblings?

Yes, but only how our family is so big. And I tell them we adopted.

Is there anything that was hard about adopting?

Them learning English and they need to be better at sports, like throwing football.

Do you ever feel ganged up on?

YES, yes and YES.   But I just have a friend over and they leave me alone.

Anything you wish they would teach you?

Enough Chinese to speak a sentence (Mom here, they are surprisingly stubborn  about sharing ANY Chinese speaking with any of us- shame on them)

Do you feel you get enough time with me and dad?


Do you think it would be odd to be an only child?

I don't know. I'd probably be spoiled.  

Something funny- we do get looks at times, people trying to "figure out" our family.  So when someone was staring at Cam and he asked me why- I told him maybe they were trying to figure out if all these kids were adopted by us- and what does dad say?  "Maybe they are trying to figure out if YOU are adopted?" His cohort in crime (Chloe) slapped dad "five". (They are 2 of a kind- ornery) 

But isn't Cam something?  I know when we adopted Kat it was Camden who wanted a lil' sis.  Even if he does find her annoying now:)

Then when we added in Chloe, we were already fostering children,  our precious baby, then 2 brothers who had a very high level of needs  and Camden was  WONDERFUL to them.  Gave up clothes, his bed, his toys, his time.  He showed pure and amazing love to our baby boy, then was a mentor, help for the brothers who were in need of huge levels of guidance and were near his age.  

He's a very giving, loving person. I'm proud to be his momma.  He is full of love.
It hasn't been an easy road with us not "expecting" the boys, but them being meant to be in our family.  Again, Camden has been a help, a guide, loving and kind to help them learn all they need to learn.  

He is fairly easy going, although is getting closer to that teen attitude:(

It's a huge consideration for anyone who is thinking of adopting out of birth order, older, or both.  You can really rock a child's world by adopting, and not in a good way.  

Most olders come very immature, and even though they have a paper age of 12, 13, 14 they are going to be in a competition situation with a child who ranges from about 8- 13 already in the family. When adopting, it HAS to be very important-- the personalities of the child/ren already in the family and if they will continue to thrive when the new kid/s arrive and need a ton of support to blend in.

We are very thankful that Camden's personality has been open and giving and he was/continues to be helpful, caring and happy to have his siblings. 

We are blessed by this child, and yes, he looks exactly like a mini male version of ME. I know.  It's kinda scary how much he looks like me. Not adopted but a blessing who has had his life changed by adoption.

BTW, he did decide it wasn't fair that everyone else has a "gotcha day" and gets extra gifts once a year so we came up with April 7, (No family member birthdays that month) and his fave number 7.  That's his "special day" that we celebrate HIM.

Who says you can't celebrate your children?  ALL OF THEM. Not us. They are the future,  they are so very important. Celebrate them. For sure:)

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