Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who is this?

Anyone know who this girl is?

  I *thought* she was Miss Kitty, my daughter. My daughter I adore.  You know, the grouchy one I get ready each morning for school, not knowing if I will get tears, dirty looks, non speaking mornings, it's ALWAYS an adventure.

So yesterday morning DAD stayed home because Mal was getting her wisdom teeth out and he was taking her so he didn't have to leave till after Miss Kitty got the bus here.

And do you think there was any grump in sight? No, not this girl, she SKIPPED down the hall to the bathroom.  She SANG in her room.  She got dressed without a tear.  She SMILED when I told her to brush her teeth.  

I have no idea what happened to this child, except that the girl I know, that grumpy one?  She returned for sure this morning, when DAD was no where in sight. Tears, drama, shoe issues, fussing over packing lunch- it was ALL there.

I *think* she's messin' with me.  Big time.  I don't know what her teen years could bring. OIY.  Good thing we love her tons:)

I'm rewarding myself for getting her to the bus without raising my voice I won't tell you all what I said in the laundry room while loading the washer, where no one can hear me with nice warm fresh baked cinnamon rolls.  

Thus is why mother is fluffy.  It's all their fault.  No stress, mother wouldn't NEED cinnamon rolls. 
 At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Just like those cinnamon rolls are gonna stick to my thighs- sigh.


Nancy said...

Ha! I can so relate! My husband now does morning duty solely on his own. I find if I get involved at all (and it's hard to keep quiet, especially when they are running late) that things escalate. We have us some feisty young ladies! Off to have a bagel smeared with cream cheese for my reward for keeping out of the fray!

MommaT said...

You crack me up lady! I understand since my 7 yr old is exactly the same way! She only does it to you because she loves you best (thats what I tell myself to survive the moments:) hahahah hugs!

Julie said...

Haha, I know what you're talking about! Both my girls are whinny around me but if I'm not in the room or at home both my DH and older daughter tell me they are fine. I don't get it.