Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sibling love

My wonderful children had off school yesterday.  And they were soooo happy to have time to spend with one another.  It just shined through. I adore their creativity.

I posted this card Camden left Kat and her loving response back at him. Don't ya just feel the love? (Kat's says "Quit annoying me you mean brother)

This was the result of Kat now having a little friend who knows our phone number. too well Her name is Paige, but Kat calls her "Paigey." 

 Chance asked if her name was  PG-13?  Obviously someone is watching too many movies. And Kat's friend better be "G" rated, anyway.

Anyhoos, now close to the top of my list of things to do before the children are all grown and released on society, is to teach my daughter phone etiquette. You know, putting the phone on speaker phone, hanging up on each other just to call back over and over, blowing whistles in the phone, telling each other to "talk" to their dogs, etc. is not so funny after a few hours of this nonsense.

They even managed to paint their nails the same colors, all while they hung on the phone, of course.  

Beside the phone ringing, I got a ton done yesterday, even with the kids home. I taught 2 boys how to clean bathrooms (their wives can thank me someday).  I wrote 3 letters long over due.  I had hubby pick up a picture order, now that the holidays are past, I decided to get caught up on the kids life books, and start Phoebe's.  

WELL--- I was VERY far behind on every one's, like a year behind!  Ahhh.  So over 500 pictures later, I can now get busy scrap booking.  The kids love their books so much, I normally don't get more than a few months behind, but with the move and all I let it go much longer. Shame on me.

I trimmed hair too, Chloe's bangs, Kat's bangs are FINALLY grown in from the mystery bang issue, and Chase's.  I try to keep their haircuts staggered, but Chase's hair grows incredibly fast.  I figured I have saved us about $7-8K over the last 25 years of me cutting hair for my family.

Not bad for a nurse/hair dresser/cook/cleaner/ laundry queen/scrap booker/ momma, oh you  get my drift, just another hat I wear:)

God makes mothers "women of talent" for a good reason:))

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