Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Precious Gem

  Cute.  Precious. Stinkin' adorable, it's all I can say over the pictures we got of Miss Phoebe girl:)  

I could just squeeze her, she's that adorable.
It's so hard to wait for this treasure.  It's been a long road, just to get our paperwork moving.  

And knowing she is there, waiting.  Growing more each day:(  

So to be able to send her things while she waits, to let her get to know us through pictures and letters is such a wonderful comfort.  And a bonus when we get to see HER.  In pictures with the things we sent to her.

She's a fan of Hello K*tty, thinkin' her and Kat are gonna get along just fine.  

For those of you wondering, since we who is this WE, it's all ME blogging here have been amiss in our home remodel, moving, home study hardships, to tell you much about this newest treasure.
She is in fact, Chinese.  I know you all figured but she is blond after all.  She does have albinism.  She was born with the lack of pigmentation.  She has low vision, she can see but has difficulties in bright light and likely has depth perception issues.  

She is wearing glasses in her picture which is good, that someone cared enough to get her eyes checked and glasses for her.

We sent her the pink adorable sun glasses.  She's full of spunk, of that we can SEE.  Fun, fun, fun.

 We asked for her hair to be let grow out, which they did agree to.  We sent a red hair bow to remind them:) 

Poor girl needs some girl hair.  Not that we don't love her as is. We sure do.  Kat draws pictures constantly and always includes Miss Phoebe.  She can't wait for her to get here.

I'm enjoying thinking each holiday we celebrate  we should be able to say this is it, never another Valentine's Day, Birthday, Easter, etc. without her here.

We all thought it is way too cute that she obviously likes to play, has great fashion sense --check out those candy striped leggings!!  She'll fit right in here 

Isn't she just a gem? We are so thankful to God for news of our precious treasure:)


Sherrie said...

Love the photos, what a sweet cutie pie! I'm hoping your paperwork is moving along through the process quickly now. Hugs.

mbcfree said...

She is adorable. Dig those tights! Bless you for continuing to adopt. I hope my family continues to grow the way yours has. God bless your sweet family.

Kathy said...

Such a blessing to get updated
pictures of your precious treasure!
She is adorable! So happy they are
going to let her hair grow out. Our
little Chloe's orphanage stopped
giving her the boy cut when they
found out she had a family.

Caleigh said...

She reminds me of my "new" cuzin joisie she got home from china two mothes ago she soo cute and shes blimd.(domt.tell but she my fav is that bad) :D
Much love caleigh

Caleigh said...

She reminds me of my "new" cuzin joisie she got home from china two mothes ago she soo cute and shes blimd.(domt.tell but she my fav is that bad) :D
Much love caleigh

Elissa said...

I love her!! She sounds a lot like my Hello Kitty- loving, fashionista blondie :) Can't wait for you to bring her home.

Susan said...

What a darling little girl, you must be dying to get to China and get her home. She looks like she will fit into your family perfectly. Can't wait for word that you will be traveling soon.

MommaT said...

She is so beautiful..looks like a girly girl:) Tall too! Hey just an FYI- be prepared for straight forward questions from strangers (I know you have dealt with this before) but it has been way out there with Titus (sometimes it embarasses him) people will say Hey I thought he was chinese (right in front of him) or why do you let him dye his hair etc etc...most people don't think outside their own race about its constant educations