Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our corner of the world

Here's what our corner of the world looks like today.  Isn't it pretty?  Messy, per dad, who is out shoveling, but sure looks pretty from my window view inside.

We got about 6 inches of snow, but are supposed to get ice on top of it today, we are hoping to just get all in snow.  Much nicer for all.

The kids are out playing, Chloe made snow angels on the way down to get the morning paper, she took all the great pics of the house all snow covered. And herself, of course.

It seems like it should be Christmas or something. Oh, that's right, that's over. Phew. Not going there again so soon:)

My doggies went out and Tommy turned around and came back in. He is not fond of snow higher than him. Teddy was amused, he was bouncing around in it like a bunny.

I called yesterday to get our tax appointment set up. I gave our name and was promptly asked, "Oh, who did you adopt this year?"  "Ha ha. Very funny," I said. "NO ONE."  But then I did fess up and admit we are working on the next one:)

Enjoy the pictures of the kiddos having a snow filled fun time.

At least they aren't saying they are "bored",right?

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Lori said...


Looks like tons of fun, despite the messiness of it all!

Enjoy the beauty!