Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2011 is gone.  What a mixture of emotions and experiences we have seen go by.  

Our blessings were many, a new larger home, the sale of our old house, learning we have another daughter to bring home, a new puppy, time under our belts with the boys equals adjustment for all.

We suffered some losses, a beloved uncle and cousin lost their battles with cancer. And we struggled with one of our children, heading down the wrong path of life.  We also struggled to move forward with Phoebe's adoption.

 Because it's not been an easy road.  Our home study took MONTHS longer than expected, due to circumstances out of our hands.  And it came with huge difficulty understanding "why?"  Not that we are saying we "get" why it happened, no, I don't think we do.

But we DID come to understand it was something we had to hang tough through and we prayed hard and never ONCE felt we were not meant to go forward for Miss Phoebe so we didn't give up. No one guarantees an easy road when you follow God's call, and even us "old veterans" of adoption can be slammed with issues you could never expect. 

But we have been able to see the paperwork issues finally get resolved.  Our home study is on it's way to immigration FINALLY.  Yeah, we are STILL back at that step.  

It's a huge relief to us and we are hoping and praying all other steps move along quickly from here on out, because through all this our concerns were for this little girl, needing her family to come get her.  And delays for us, mean delays for HER.  

As wrong as that seems to us, we really do believe in God's perfect timing so we as we enter 2012 we can't wait to  move forward to get through the steps required to adopt this precious treasure of a girl and know that next New Year she will be here.  In our family photo, part of our lives.  We are very anxious for that.

Can't you just see where she fits? Right next to Kat, in front of dad, beside Chloe, a blondie beauty meant to be.  2012 hopefully will bring this girl to her "spot" in our lives. The year of Phoebe.

We wish everyone the best in this New Year, from our family to yours:)

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