Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chloe thanks

Chloe is so thankful for the 29+ people who have answered God's call and are helping her to get to Costa Rica.  She said "Thank YOU ALL SO MUCH, thank you!!"

She's just absolutely thrilled she will be going. 

I said 29+ because please don't think we discount the people who could not donate, but they cared enough to pray.  Prayer is power, an amazing way to ask God to use us, as well as a way to care as we  lift each other up in prayers. I love to pray, talking with my Father is so special.

Now, if for some reason, you hear God telling you, donate, donate! Make a difference--

Let me tell you, you have NOT missed the boat. No way.  He's still aware of a need.  Not for Costa Rica but for a China girl that needs to come home.  Miss Faith, whom we can show our FAITH for, we can go on over to her parent's blog and give, give, give.     Miles of the Heart  Go on, check it out.

Can't you just see her in 3 years or so, heading off on a mission trip?  Or even just learning what her name MEANS.  Learning for the first time about GOD, the awesome difference He can make in her life? 

 It's one of the most wonderful things I love about adopting our kiddos, giving them GOD.  They had NO clue about God before they were adopted.  They believed in evolution, and that some people worship a dude with a big belly (Buddah)  They were CLUELESS as to the Word of God.

And yet, when they were offered it, they have taken to it, some more slow than others, but they are  open minded and willing to believe in Him. That He loves them, He is there for them, and we live for Him. And even wanting to go on mission trips to teach  people who don't have Him yet.  WOW.  Does that amaze you like it does ME?

Oh and while you are donating to Faith's adoption, you get some wonderful yummy smelling soaps, a perk for your donation:)  How cool is that? 

So please, head on over there, since I know there is NOTHING better than seeing a girl /boy get a God loving family and  knowing you were able to play a part in it. 

 It has to make God so stinkin' happy, I wonder if He can do cartwheels in a robe? (Don't be thinking our God doesn't have a super sense of humor, I KNOW He was laughing like crazy when I figured out Chloe had siblings and His plan became obvious.)

So I'm telling ya, head on over, get some sweet smellin' soap and give, remember we can't possibly out give GOD:)

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