Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It's been an interesting week so far.  Sadly my interesting is in the form of "not good".  First the doggie, that fluffy white one?  Well dummy, aka Tommy, decided to go after the neighbor's St. Bernard, who is 13 years old and was not amused by said 7 lb fluff ball barking like mad in her face.

And she bit him.  He's lucky to be alive, since she could've picked him up and shook him, thus ending his barking in her face quite efficiently.  I'm very thankful she did not, although the emergency trip to the vet, 6 stitches in his neck and a hefty bill later made me wonder more so why she did not just end him there. (No, mom I'm not sick, I love my doggies, I don't love their stupidity)

So now we have injured doggy who we hope has learned his lesson but I wouldn't put any $$ on it. If I had any $$ left after that vet bill-- ha ha.

On to the  2 legged ones of the house, Kat stayed home from school today.  She did her usual when she doesn't feel good, can't sleep, is scared, anything at night.  She comes in our room, stands over dad and stares at him till he wakes up with her little face right in his. Scary as all get out.

Don't think we have not tried to tell her she is itching to get screamed at, even accidentally hit by scaring us out of sleep this way.  But nothing changes.  She does the same thing every time. It's funny when you are awake, but not so much when it's YOU she wakes up this way.

She threw up twice last night, and slept most of the day. I decided she was feeling better when she told Camden "TNMP" and I was looking quite puzzled thinking- time now mom prays, too nuts mom posts, but dad cleared it up for me.  THAT'S NOT MY PROBLEM. TNMP.

Okay then,  when you come up with that and throw it out there at your brother, you clearly are on the mend. At least that's this mom's take on it.

Chloe came to me last night and asked if she could stay home with her BFF Hannah since she was sick. I told her "no, even though you were the one who hacked all over her and got her sick." Chance and her got out the thermometer, which BTW, they refuse to use under their tongues? 

They want it in their arm pit, of which I take offense to them doing as the rest of the kids use it under their tongue. Get my drift? Gross. But they thought they were going to have fevers? Nope, not at all, so off to school they went.

In other news, wrapping of the loot is almost done.  Christmas cards addressed, at least most of them.  Lost my address book in the move, not good. Sad that I only need it once a year, but there you have it. I have Winter Trail Mix to make, but otherwise feel somewhat positive we are well covered for the upcoming holiday.

Chase had a blast at the semi formal dance.  I constrained myself barely from saying "I TOLD YOU SO" and informed him they have prom later in the school year.  He was asking if they "did this again next year?" 

 I did have to instruct him to walk the girl to her door, he tried to tell me "she not my girlfriend" and I said I wasn't telling him to kiss her, but he WOULD walk her to the door. OIY. 

It's been raining and I hear some snow is expected.  We are keeping warm and so thankful we are in our house.  It's very much a blessing to us all.


mom2three said...

Sorry to hear the week has been so rough, but I am glad to read that the dance went well. Was wondering how that had gone.

Mandi said...

LOVE the dress on Kat. It looks like it fits her really well. Jaxon went to semi-formal too, but met his "date" there so we don't have any pics:(

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