Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday morning

Where did the weekend go? Whoosh. Gone.

Friday was a hard day, so I was glad the weekend was uneventful.  It's those older kids this time.  Worrying this momma's heart, which doesn't know quite how to stop worrying about them even once they are "legally grown."  
They seem so- well, immature still. Will they ever grow up?  Guess it's a mother thing. I won't name any names, but it's a grown girl and a boy, not Derrik or Brandon.  Figure that out:)  Our "girl" is not happy at her college, and is considering a change. Change is scary, an unknown, not fun for anyone.  But we are praying and supporting her to find the place that she is happy, enjoying her college years.  It's hard to see her struggle with this and I am glad she is off from school for a long break as of today:)

The son. WOW. I can't begin to tell you the fear this "boy" has given me over a number of years.  Wondering if he will make it through some of the things he has pulled.  Children are such a blessing but they also come with very different personalities and free will.  (I really don't like that free will thing now that I'm the MOM) 

This son was a gentle little boy, with doe eyes and a sensitive heart.  It's a heartache to see him struggle so.  As I totally believe 100% in the power of prayer, that God can and will get these 2 on their feet and on the right paths for each of them,  please send a prayer up for them, will ya?

Miss Kitty went off to school this morning, as grouchy as could be.  I never know what I'm going to get out of her, some mornings it's kisses and love, but more often it's dirty looks and tears. Girlfriend is SOOO not a morning person. I've tried earlier bed times, waking her up earlier, later, nothing seems to make a difference.

  She must think I like the surprise each day of not knowing what I'm going to get out of her?  She'd be wrong about that. (Mom do not say she is just like me and I deserve this)

Chance spent a better part of Sunday pouting, he was mad that he got in trouble for crawling under a pew in church and then had to sit next to dad.  He is also not happy that he has lost microwaving rights, he was warned about messes left by him in the microwave and must have thought I was joking? Nope.  Not at all.  Hope he enjoyed those spilled over noodles and hot cocoa while he got them, 'cause he's banned now for a week.

It's not like he is the only one who got in trouble this weekend, Miss Kitty tried calling Camden and Chloe, who were spending time frying their brains on DS games- actually playing together quite nicely, "idiots." Not sure where she got that word, (no mom I do not call anyone an idiot, not even hubby)  but it's certain to get Kat sent to her room. And she knows it but does it anyway?

Even the doggie is a goofball here, Teddy took the pad out of the kennel, drug it over to the patio door, put it on TOP of Tommy, who still has stitches in his neck, and laid down.  Not sure why the kennel didn't suit him, maybe wanted to sun himself?

Today Mal and I are off to help make peanut clusters, one of the last fundraisers for Chloe's Costa Rica trip.  Chloe will join us after school to help.  Since I firmly believe chocolate can fix pretty much any ailment, problem, issue, I will TRY hard to not eat the profits, but it's gonna be tough. Ha ha.

I feel the need to ask, do any of you need prayer? Is there something you are struggling with? I feel as though God is telling me someone out there needs some prayers. Can I spent some of my time, helping you in prayer for your issue? Whatever it may be?  If so leave me a comment, nothing is too small or too big for our God so don't be shy.

 I would love to spend some time with God for you:) 


Cayle said...

I will pray for your son and daughter. I know exactly how she feels seeing how I changed my school and was lost in the process.

Since you asked it would mean the world if you just gave my family a little prayer. My uncle is 43 and has congested heart failure. He just had surgery to get his gallbladder out. It was a very scary and extremely risky procedure. Only to find out that the real problem was his liver. He was out of it for days and we didn't know whether he was going to make it. They believe he either had lack of oxygen to his brain because he was so swollen or he had another stroke.

He got out of the hospital last night but is having the worst anxiety. So now he is going back in. He cannot sleep, eat, or barely walk. This is a guy that used to work 18+ hour shifts a couple weeks ago and now he can barely walk 20 feet without needing oxygen.

He also has a 8 year old son who is turning 9 in two days. It would mean the world if you could pray. <3 thank you!

Joy said...

Here are some prayer requests:
We are waiting for our I800A to be approved and would love for it to take less than the 70+ days that it has been taking lately.
We also don't have a referral yet, but feel that an under 12 month girl would be the best fit for our family. I know that God has the perfect daughter for us, but it is hard to wait to find out who she is.
Thanks for thinking of us,

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Yes I need prayer. I have a 19 year old son, Brock, who has not spoken to me in 26 months. I miss my boy. I write him weekly...

Thanks so much,

Dawn said...

Please pray for my son who is newly married and already expecting a baby and is now dealing with some adoption issues. He was adopted from Korea and is just now realizing his abandonment issues need healing... that he learns big time to take it to His Lord. So understand your worry about grown kids.

in OR.

Vanessa said...

I am desperate for prayers for my mom. She is 53 years old and has been battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer since Feb. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight and is in a lot of pain. :( I fear we are reaching the end of her fight. Please pray for God to show up, big time, and heal her. I need my mom.

mdkyzar said...

I'm not a frequent commenter, but I am sitting here making out Christmas cards and found the one where I just don't know what to say and realize this is the person in my life who is most in need of prayers. My uncle lost his wife of nearly 50 years this past summer and is struggling. He seems so lost without her and has isolated himself from family. He won't open cards or accept calls. His daughter misses her mother too, but is afraid she is losing her dad as well. None of us know what to do at this point, but pray and keep trying to reach out to him.

Andi said...

Thank you for listening to God. There are so many of us who need prayer or know someone in need of prayer. I find myself so lost in my own troubles that I forget to pray for others. I, too, will pray for those who have commented on here, as well as for you and your family.

Catherine said...

I would appreciate prayer for my family. We are facing the third Christmas since my husband died and it is still so so hard (maybe harder now then when it first happened). I am just so tired of feeling so alone and feel abandoned by friends, family and church. I know God will get us through this, He always does but I'm weary.

Ironsan said...

Could you please pray for my brother, Tim, and his 3 children? He is going through a marital seperation. It is not what he wants but it is the only way to protect the kids. At this point he has resigned himself to that fact. There is still a lot of turmoil and volatility while they wade through this process. They need some peace during the process and healing for thier broken hearts.