Monday, December 19, 2011


Help is needed.

We are all wanting to make a difference in this world. We all look for ways to honor our Lord for His upcoming birthday.

We know of a GREAT way ---

Help a child of God, one of His orphans, become an orphan no longer.

Matt and Mandi need a miracle, one God can do. Through His followers. His people who love and care. As He calls us to do.

We have seen this miracle before.  It's completely possible.  

I urge you to hop on over to meet Kalia, a girl with a family who needs our help. The Journey Continues

We gotta get this girl home.  Please, please, help another treasure find her way to her new family. 

Every $1 will add up, you all know this, it happened to get the boys home, $1, $5, $20 every dollar mattered to add up to what was needed.

Let's watch the mountain crumble, a Christmas miracle happen.  Oh the FUN!!

And if you want, I am SURE you could place an order for a dress that Mandi could work on  once she is home WITH Kalia.  

She made this custom,  adorable dress for Miss Kitty:)  Yep, we have donated what our family can, we wanted IN ON the miracle of Kalia.  

We want to see Kalia meet her family on Christmas Day.  Don't YOU??

Let's get 'er done.  Let's make the Lord smile in JOY- let's bring that total to DONE.  

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Ironsan said...

Donated earlier, but just popped over and gave some more. Thanks for the heads-up.

Beautiful dress!