Saturday, December 3, 2011

A first

Life indeed does have to go on.  From our losses we gain- realizing we have to enjoy each and every day.  That no one is guaranteed tomorrow. We are grieving but also glad for the life lessons we learn.

Last week I got an e-mail from the ESL teacher. A girl wanted to ask Chase to the semi formal dance as a friend. Not girlfriend/boyfriend.

I thought this was a wonderful thing for him.  He wasn't so sure.  First he did not want to go because he thought it meant they were girlfriend/boyfriend.

 So once we explained he could go with someone as a "friend only" he still was unsure.  Knowing my son like I do, I knew it was the "unknown" factor keeping him from what is sure to be an enjoyable evening with his friends.

So I told him he had 10 seconds to tell me a GOOD reason he didn't want to go and "I don't know" didn't count. When he came up with nothing (besides I don't know) I told him he was going.  And it was obvious he was glad to go because he went and got his  dress clothes and tried them on right away.

So this evening, off they went.  His first high school dance:) He looked so sharp and she looked just lovely.  So pretty:)  Her mom drove, we are picking them up.  And I hope he has a blast.  One more step forward for our son.

Other news of the week.  Got a tick off Kat's head, YUCK.  Another joy of living in the country.  It wasn't there long.  But it freaked her out.  

Chloe got a haircut.  Oh does she look cute.  We call it the "Dora" look, it's so much better than the ponytail and side bangs hanging in her eyes every day. I got her some neat barrettes, for the top and she just looks adorable.  She had this cut once before and it really suits her.

Camden and Chloe are both still coughing from being sick.  Camden sounds worse than Chloe.  I hope they get over this soon, it's been over a week and both have done a round of antibiotics.

I took the kid's picture for our Christmas card.  It was tough, Chance couldn't find his tie, so we ended up with the boys tie- less but they look good anyway. (not sweating the small stuff)  I decided the hat for Kat would cover her bangs, still not grown out from the mystery shortening, and it worked well.

It's our first weekend in some time with no visitors.  Seems odd.  It's been fun to share our home with many.  But we are spending the weekend quietly together, no big plans. Just enjoying our home, our kids, and counting our blessings:)

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