Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas cookies

It's not too often I get to sit on the sidelines of a not-so-favorite chore of Christmas, the cookie baking mess.  But--- Malaree is home on college break and her and Chloe decided to break out the cookie dough.  

They got busy baking away, all kinds, shapes and flavors.  Yummy smells coming from the kitchen. Some good sister bonding, as Kat is "helping" more like asking 5 million questions and saying she will be more than happy to be the official taster of the cookies:)

Chloe, as well as all the other kiddos, love having Mal here, they really look up to her and she is such a super big sister.  Always patient with their questions and teaching them new things.  

Chance has been very funny this week, his poor ESL teacher has been drilled all week.  "Is there really a Santa Claus?"  He wants to know.  He knows that parents have to pay Santa to bring gifts (our way to keep their requests reasonable) and he thought he had her when she said she didn't have to do that.

  But I furthered his uncertainty when I told him she didn't because she only has one child.  (He also told her not to be a "bad girl" and to tell him the truth.) Is he funny or what?

But we told him only parents of many have to "help" Santa financially.  I *could* say I don't want them to believe in Santa at all.  Sure, I could. But honestly, to give them something that is a childhood dream, the expectations of the magic Christmas is, a gift.

We feel along with many ways we respect and honor the Reason for the Season, Jesus, it's something we are able to gift to the teens.  The wonder.  The anticipation. And that's not something they have had an abundance of in the past.  So for now, we are keeping them "in the dark" and letting them be kids a little longer.

I even invited Chance to check out the attic to see if anything was there, since he thought some loot was hidden there.  Nope, nothing. He asked  Santa for boots and a Holist*r jacket.  Nothing too big.

The kids had half a day today and are now officially on vacation.  I think I got enough grub to get them through the holiday.  Seriously I bought 14 boxes of cereal!  Among other things.

We're watching The Grinch now, and have watched Elf about 20 times now.  I *think* we're really ready for the big day.  Camden has asked what time they are allowed to get up, and it's been made official--6 am.

For now we are smelling the yummy cookies, as Chloe keeps a close eye on them from her "spot" in front of the oven.  

And we are thankful  to see everyone who answered God's call to help bring another little girl home, Matt and Mandi bringing home Kalia, thanks to those who love God, love His orphans and made ALL the difference.  What a joy Christmas will hold now forever for that little girl:)

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Susan said...

Merry Christmas to your family! You haven't mentioned Phoebe in a while, is everything moving along to bring her home? Any idea when she will be joining the family?