Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The chaos of Christmas break

Yep, it sure is. Chaos. The kids are all home.

The kids have now been home for a whole 5 days straight.  And they are blessing me with their boredom. EVERY-LAST-ONE-OF-THEM. Have I mentioned they are all HOME.  5 days straight now?

I've heard the declaration that the "floor" is covered in snow.  Now to all you (normal) folks that means the ground.  And it's snowing here.  Chloe is thrilled and yelling, "Mother, the floor is covered, why didn't you tell me?" 

As if I am her personal weather informer?  

So far Chase has stripped his bed, adding to my laundry work, of which he declared, I needed to do the laundry as it was piling up? WHOA, guess who put a halt to big boy's demands?  Yep, that'd be ME.  Put him right in his place.

He doesn't like that too well, but I will not allow him to push me around.  And he will if allowed. As much as I love him, I will not allow him to bully anyone. 

And in many ways he tries to bully us all, sans DAD, because it's how he was used to living in the past. And it's a hard habit to break him of, so I deal with it often:(

Chance is very happy today, they have a party for the teen church group today at our neighbor's house. He was telling me earlier the girls who recently moved up to his Sunday School class make him crazy, that they like to pick at him because he is the ONLY boy in the class now.  POOR BOY.  

Does he REALLY think his momma doesn't know he's LOVIN' all that attention? Mother wasn't born yesterday Son- shine.

Yesterday my mother came to visit and brought the kids gifts.  So in addition to Camden, who must TALK the whole time he plays games on his electronic toys, she brought them remote controlled cars.  2 of them to be exact.  Noisy things, that you have to yell to be heard over.

THANKS A LOT MOM.  I'm thinking this is another pay back from my childhood?

So imagine this--- Chloe is yelling the "floor is covered", Chase is hounding me to do wash, Chance and Camden are running remote cars all over the place, Kat is fussing that we don't have the certain kind of noodles SHE wants, and mother, well, mother is slowly (or fast) going nuts.

Bonkers.  Not used to all this noise during the day. But it's a good bonkers, because I love these crazy kids of mine.  They might drive me nuts, but I'll be right there with them:)

And just so you all know, I'm sporting blue glittered nails. I even have tiny pink hearts on my little fingers. Via Chloe, who wanted me to SPARKLE for a change.  Did I mention how much I love that girl?  How much fun she is?  Well, if not then you all need to know that.

 'Cause she is FUN.  I mean, who else is gonna make me laugh telling me the "floor is covered?"  I'm just sorry we can't possibly clone any of these clowns, oops, I mean children and bless all of you with their fun.  Share the craziness is my motto.  

Maybe I should rent them out?  Sooooo who wants them tomorrow?- Ha ha. Just joking ( No calls MOM)


Nancy said...

My two are out in the backyard enjoying unseasonably mild weather, and I'm oh so tempted to lock the older child doesn't go back to school until Jan 9th. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. Ha! If you go crazy I'll come with you!

MommaT said...

We must all unite over the holiday school break! Adam told me it was his job to "make me crazy" for two weeks..well its working, but you gotta love em:) If they weren't all here I would be crazy alone:( Blessings upon blessing they are