Sunday, December 18, 2011

6 days till Christmas

The kids are really excited:)  Only 6 days  till the best birthday of all, Happy Birthday to Jesus.

I love what our church does since our Christmas program was today, they do a birthday party for Jesus next Sunday, we wrap "gifts" in the form of needed items for the church, tissues, paper towels, hot cocoa, coffee, supplies for the kids classrooms, etc.

Then the kids all go up front and "open" the gifts for Jesus.  Another way to celebrate the reason for this season:)

We had a guest this weekend, a little guy who was sure to make us laugh.  Mr. Stink, as we call him, our honorary "grandson" spent the night last night.  He slept on the floor  in Chloe's room, don't ask us why she has a brand new bed but chooses to sleep on the  floor??  But Stink likes to sleep on the floor with her so he went right in and went to sleep.  

She was off having fun, so he was a surprise for her when she got home.  The teens had a big day yesterday, they all went caroling, cookie baking, shopping, visiting the elderly yesterday with their youth group.  They left at 9 am and returned after 9 pm!  They had a blast.

I guess they used up their "good mood" stash, because all but Chloe were GRUMPY this morning.  Chase refused to smile in my requested required picture of them, although Camden smiled enough for the both of them:)  Guess it all works out in the wash, huh?

Chloe had a blast with Stink, he is a funny little guy. When I let out the doggies this morning and then they came back in I told them to "Sit" to get their doggie treat. 

 And Stink SAT.  Right in between the 2 dogs:)  We laughed but he got mad when I refused to give him a doggie treat.

Then I went to get Kat ready for church and Stink wanted a hair accessory like hers.  Chloe said he would make an adorable girl, but I told her she couldn't do that to the poor lil' guy.

Kat did great in the play this morning. Just great.  She was nervous, but did fine.

Camden on the other hand, has gotten sick over the course of today.  He is feverish, complaining of nausea and worried he will not be better by Christmas.  He is sleeping right now, which is good, since when awake he tends to moan  non stop he is male after all which does absolutely nothing to make him feel better but he seems to think it might?  

 I do hope he feels better soon, it's no fun having sickness make it's way through this house.

Still keeping you all in my prayers, those of you who asked for prayers.  Hoping each situation has gotten better, and if anyone else needs prayers I'm still available to spend time with the Lord for you. Just let me know, okay:) 

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