Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surprise, another one

We have an "extra" kiddo for the week.  Adopted from China as a teen.  Her mom is aware and okay with me asking her to go through a day of her life at her orphanage. She did tell me where she is from had about the same amount of kids as my teens, about 150 kiddos.  

"A" is an amazing mix of our 3, I see some of the same behaviors, not bad, just interesting and some funny.  She is having a blast with our kids, enjoying being in the country and doing a bunch of fun stuff with our crew.

So here goes her take on things---

I sleep in a room with 4 people.  I had a closet.  It had my clothes in it, just mine.  I sleep in shorts and  shirt for pajamas.

House momma woke me up, I gotta make my bed, brush my teeth.  I eat breakfast- noodles, soup, egg.  Then I walked to school with other girls from the orphanage, 9 of us, boys too.

I got in trouble if I talk when teacher talking and I have to stand by the wall.  The other kids made fun of me (for being an orphan)  but I talk back to them. 

I go back to orphanage for lunch, rice, soup, potato, tomato, meat, cabbage. Back to school at 1 o' clock, we walked again.

Teachers were sometimes nice, sometimes no. I like Chinese class, and science, but didn't like math. I not good at math.

Went back to orphanage at 4:30 to do homework, so much homework.  Sometimes go to store, house momma took me. Always went back to orphanage after school, didn't go to store alone, always with house momma.

Supper time noodles or soup at the orphanage. I watched some TV, I help with the little children, take shower, put their clothes on, brush their teeth, pat the babies, sometimes they poop I have to clean, it gross. Babies always poop.

I go outside and wash every one's clothes, I was oldest one so I had to wash all the clothes.

Things I asked her--

Favorite personal thing(s) at the orphanage-
Clothes and shoes

Best day at orphanage-
Saturdays, no school

Worst day ever at orphanage-
Mondays, school

Favorite person at orphanage-
My friend

Least liked person at orphanage-
Another girl

Did you know you had to be adopted before you are 14?

Best thing about here-
School, I have a family, new friends

Hardest thing about here-
Learning English

What you miss the most about China-
Friends and spicy Chinese food

Another one of God's perfectly made teen treasures.  Loved.  Without a doubt. 

I can't tell you the road is without bumps, adopting older.  Not gonna lie. It can be heartbreaking. Tough.  But the rewards, they can not compare.

Not just for the children adopted, but for you. I have gained so much as a person coming to learn about my children and their pasts, their personalities, their dreams. 

Aren't these kids just amazing and wonderful? They were so cool sharing with me. 

Love, love, love 'em.

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Desiree' said...

our younger daughter was at the same SWI as "A". Its a bit different, you have a house mama and some what of a family...good to see the inside and what we can expect from our son coming home in a couple months...tell Shelley "hello" from me!!
thanks for posting!!