Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No wheels

Oh why does your wheels break down when you need them?  What did we all do before cars?  My van, the mommy wagon, the vehicle that fits us all, mom's wheels- kicked the bucket last night.

Just as dad had strapped on the ladders and filled it to the brim with the last load of our stuff out of storage.  I guess it had had enough.  It has made numerous trips, hauled us without complaint.

It started acting funny after we hauled the ceramic tile home in July and it was dragging with the weight of the tiles. 

 And it hasn't been happy with us since.  I am thankful for many things- the many miles it has worked.  The many trips with the kids that it didn't strand me in it. That it croaked close to the mechanic we use and he got to it today.  That it got me to work and home yesterday.

The mechanic thinks it is the transmission (aka BIG BUCKS) but he has to look at it and let us know. It's never a good time for your car/van to break down.  Obviously.  I guess we will see what the diagnosis is and go from there:(

I don't have a picture of my broken down van so I posted a picture of my cute kids being so- well, them.  Some smiling, some looking off in the distance, some pouting at having to stand still:)

Cute as can be, all of them.  Even that Chance, who has taken to saying "shoot" and it sounds like he's saying a bad word.  Either that or "sheets".  But he promises me when I say "what did you say??"  In my sternest mother voice, he is saying "shoot."

Pair that accent with that unending smile and I can't possibly not believe him- right?

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