Monday, November 14, 2011

The next 29 days

M--melting pot

It means FAMILY.  Sticking out the bad times.  Laughing in the good times. 

I'm so glad I have mine,  so blessed. We are accepting the challenge of our pastor who gave a sermon about complaining and being thankful.  To NOT complain for the next (now) 29 days. 

The kids are reminding trying to trip each other up each other because they love each other so much.  And we think it's important for a few people here to learn life is so much more than complaining.

We love 'em, stinkers and all. And we are so thankful we have this family.

Our Social Worker visited to see the house last night.  We were glad to show her we are ready for Phoebe.  We can't wait to get paperwork moving on. It's taking longer than we ever could have expected, not that we are complaining because God's timing is PERFECT.

He has our lives planned. He knows when Phoebe is meant to join us. And we have peace in knowing that.  Even when we are wanting to be impatient.  We can't help but fall back on God's perfectness.  And trust in Him.

So we will see how things go when the treasures come home from school today, if they remembered they were not supposed to be complaining.  If they can be thankful for this day, each other, their parents, their home, their supper? Okay I'll stop now since I do realize most of them are teens and I'm not totally goofy.

I did take advantage of them not supposed to complain to say "I want a picture of you, stand here"  and it worked:))) Aren't they just so cute??

I am puzzled about one thing.  Miss Kat. (No it's not the mystery of her bangs, I've given up on that answer) but her teeth?  She lost her 2 front teeth some time ago, and there's not a sign of the big teeth coming in anywhere. 

I don't have a doubt she will be able to sing "All she wants for Christmas is her 2 front teeth."  I seem to recall all the others lost teeth and the big ones came in really soon.  So I wondered-- why aren't hers?

Should we be worried? Anyone know?


Mom2Four said...

I don't know the answer, but HJ is still missing one of her front teeth. The baby one must have come out a month ago and the new one isn't in yet. Maybe it's a Chinese thing?

Andi said...

They may be up too high and won't be able to come down on their own or the buds never developed. She needs an X-ray to see what's going on.

MommaT said...

Adam is missing 5 or 6 adult teeth...I agree with the xray her dentist should easily be able to tell. BTW wouldn't it be cool if we traveled at the same time:) Our sw is finishing our homestudy this week..we pray to have it done and our dossier off before mid december (we are using our old immigrations)..anyway I would LOVE travel together!

Luna said...

My son was misssing his two front teeth for what seemed like FOREVER! The dentist wasn't too concerned and they finally did come in (crooked. *sigh* and is now #3 who will be having braces). You can always have an x-ray done if you're really worried about them, but I'm sure they're there.

Caleigh said...

my little sisters two front teeth took several months to come it there in now and no sing of any problems just give it time :)