Friday, November 18, 2011

The new guy

No, I didn't throw out dad for a younger model.  We added in this pretty guy to the household.  Dad was NOT thrilled, even when I told him Mr. Teddy looks just like him, so no wonder I adore him.  (Blue eyes, grey and white hair, see the resemblance?)

He didn't seem to take that as a compliment. Not sure why?

It might have something to do with the ornery attitude of this new guy.  He is a runner.  As in, I let him and Tommy out and they take off.  In some ways that's okay now that we live in the country, but our immediate neighbor has 6 BIG dogs, that Tommy doesn't know are bigger than him and he gets in their face barking at them.

Every chance he gets.  So I spend many days saying "Hi" to my new neighbor, as I go to collect my errant and I bet annoying doggies.  Teddy, the new man, just sits there looking at Tommy like "Dude, what are you doing, you are like 7 lbs of fluff, you stupid or what?" As Tommy barks his fool head off at the St Bernard.

Teddy is bright and fun, can't you just see it? And the kids are having a blast with him.  I'm thrilled he has house trained quickly and is learning sit, lay down, come.  He's a treat oriented doggie, but even the lure of treats don't stop this boy from taking off when let out.

Teddy Bear
I should clarify, he does come back, eventually.  Which is fine. Because I usually get mad at him and give up calling the bugger.  So whatever works, right?  Chloe thinks it's super cool we have a doggie with blue eyes, just like Phoebe:)  I'm betting she's not going to see that as a compliment any more than dad does?

As for the 2 legged children-- 

We won't get into names, but a little girl *might* be not doing so well on the "No complaints for 30 days."  Not being nice to momma, would be the head of the list.  Refusing to speak when driving her hiney to the bus stop, then refusing to get out of the van when the bus came?  OIY. 

We had her school conference with Mrs. "Cutting-da- ham" aka Cunningham.
And yet another child o' mine has been written up for talking too much.  No other issues, she is very bright, she's sweet, she is just too social. Hummm.  We will NOT be blaming this on me.  No way. (do not call me mom)

Her teacher did tell me that Kat said I told her to eat PB toast for supper.  Uh, huh.  What I said (and clarified to the teacher) was to get a SNACK of PB toast when she got home from school because I would be coming home from work, getting her and we had to head out to her teacher conference and would be eating AFTER it, about 2 hrs later than normal. And since I know a certain someone becomes a BEAR if she is hungry I reminded her to eat her SNACK. 

Don't ya love how they go tell their teacher things to make you look like the biggest SMUCK parent EVER right before your conference time with them??

It's almost worse than when the social worker came and we were going over what rooms were where and who shares and Chase just HAD to comment when I said him and Donovan share a room that "Donovan gasses, all the time." And when I said "We don't need to talk about that NOW." He continued on like I hadn't spoken a word and said it was so bad he had to get up and open the door to their room in the middle of the night.  OIY.  Let's just say TMI.  Something my children clearly don't get?

Chloe spent last evening making peanut clusters, another fundraiser for her mission trip.  That girl has really worked hard trying to raise her fees to go. I'm so proud of her.  I'm still worried about missing her terribly, but I know my little chick-a-dee is needing to spread her wings and fly- and it's amazing she is going on a mission trip to Costa Rica. She got quite a bit to go on her total and she stresses about it constantly. I assured her that God wants her to go and He will provide.  She can trust Him. 

We are sharing our home again this weekend,  a friend's 3 kiddos come tonight. They are Chloe, Camden and Kat's ages, a girl, and  2 boys. Then we have 5 more people coming to spent late Sat into Sunday with us for our church hosting an IMPACT group. And then Wed, just as the kids get off on holiday vacation, we get a teen Chinese girl for a week.  Did I say how much we appreciate the blessing God has given us in this home?  It's wonderful to share it with so many!

Camden came home Monday from school early, sick.  Fever, cough, feeling yucky.  He seems to be getting better as the week progresses and not spreading it around for once. Although I am sure as I type this one of the others is coughing and thinking they NEED to go to the school nurse so she can call mom to come get them. 

I guess I better get hopping to my chores of the day  before the call comes, huh?


Joy said...

I am not sure if it is just my computer, but the picture of you and your husband is over some of the text.

ronvic7 said...

Anyone else with this issue? 'Cause I'm not seeing it on my computer?