Friday, November 4, 2011

I am......

.......Puzzled.  Confused. Annoyed.  Chloe came home this week with a paper copied off that she handed to me.  I looked at it and had those variety of feelings.

WHY?  It was a notice of full scholarship to qualifying students for enrollment for a BOARDING SCHOOL for girls.  Granted a school with a good reputation especially with foreign students, but a BOARDING SCHOOL.

I'm gonna say it.  I was a bit peeved.  As if I would even CONSIDER sending our daughter, the one and same girl who came from an institution away from the first and only family she has ever known to a BOARDING SCHOOL??

I think NOT.  Not only would I not think this would be a good idea for her, I am NOT giving up my new daughter for her to go and be subjected to who knows what all week as well as isolating her from us and her siblings.

  How did anyone (not naming any names) think this would be a good enough idea to run off a copy of this notice ONLY for my daughter? Not any other girls in her grade?

I'm going to chalk this up to people not understanding how fragile adopted children can be emotionally.  They are not just behind in schooling, they are behind socially and emotionally.  And they NEED the security of our family before they HAVE to go out in the big bad world all on their own. 

We didn't bring these kids home to push them off before their time.  Not even for educational purposes, not that it isn't important, but their family security is more important at this point.  They have plenty of time left to get their educational needs met.

Off that tangent- now that I spilled about that and feel a ton better.

Pictures of Miss Kitty hiding her odd length bangs.  Hat.  Hold cute doggie and no one will notice bangs.  She's sooo creative:)

Was supposed to have a visit with the social worker for our home study for Phoebe since we moved but no go. She cancelled at the last minute. Another delay, in a sea of delays.  It's so hard to wait sometimes, this is taking longer than any others did:(

So my house is clean, and no company expected. Bummer, huh?

The van outcome is not pretty.  It is the transmission and the mechanic recommended someone rebuild it but he takes 4 weeks to get it in?  Uh, do they think I can haul around these kids on a bike or something for 4 weeks?

Are they nuts?  'Cause I'm not feelin' 4 weeks will work for us.  Not sure where we will go from here, find someone else who can do it sooner, figure out alternate wheels for me for 4 weeks and I do not mean bike wheels.

Just to make you all jealous-- my Christmas shopping for the kids- all but DONE.  I love on line ordering, just pick it up and wrap. Some was even free shipping so it came right to the door.  OIY. Doesn't get any better than that when you are the momma of many with a broken down van too.

We stayed within a reasonable range for them all, nothing short of a miracle there.  Now all we have to do is decorate, it's too early for that yet, although someone forgot to tell Chance that. He tells me every day "Merry Christmas" as he goes out the door to school. 

I guess he is anxious?  Confused?  Who knows- not me:)


Dawn said...

Wow! the boarding school thing is weird!? I would find out what the deal is with this... did a counselor send it? Her teacher? Just so weird.. shopping done...? Ya, me not so much.

Joy said...

We received something similar -- an invitation for our daughter to go to Australia on a study program next summer. Weird stuff.

mom2three said...

I sometimes even feel the same way about Culture Camp. I know it is suppose to be a great experience and help the kids with their culture, but hey, they lived in a big dorm with lots of other kids before joining our family. Why would I want to send them off for a week to do that all over again, when we are still learning about being a family.