Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Not sure what happened to my last post. Gone. Went missing.  Could've been something I did, and didn't know it.  Who knows? Not me.

So I can't go back and remember all I wrote so we move on.  Chase was having an issue but now is doing well.  He is making plans to go to the semi formal dance with a friend.  YEAH!  At first when I asked him about going he said "No." 

 Pretty much his typical reaction to everything. No.  But I asked him to tell me within 10 seconds a GOOD reason to not go. And his "I don't know" didn't cut it.

So he is going. Funny enough, once it was settled he went to get his clothes out to pick what to wear right away, no hassle, which told me he really does want to go.  I swear no mom, I really don't swear he doesn't know how to say "yes" to anything "unknown." And this is an unknown.

Today I spent time in the doctor's office again, I took Camden yesterday for his ears, double ear and sinus infection, after having a cold for over a week and not seeming able to kick it.

But while there, they wanted to look at Kat, who woke up with a fever and I had taken her along. She did look pretty miserable as her fever was up again- 102.8.    And guess what? She's got strep throat. OIY. 

So then today Chloe was complaining of a sore throat, so off to the doctor we went again, but she does NOT have  strep.  Pheww.  And Kat is no longer contagious.  So we are hopeful we caught it before the whole house comes down with it?

Chloe tried to confuse the doctor when we went to leave.  What a turd she is. She told him "adios" when we left, and he looked totally puzzled.  I told him she really is Chinese, just pay no mind to  lil'Miss Spanish speaking Chloe.

Camden was upset to miss school yesterday, but good thing he got to go today. He had a limo ride to McD*nald's for being one of the top sellers of the fall fundraiser.  He got a free lunch.

He didn't allow any pictures of him eating at all, but Miss Kitty was more than happy to pose with her H*llo K*tty meal toy.

Chloe is very happy to have another girl adopted from China coming our way on Wed.  Staying a week, I'm sure they will enjoy their time together. Sometimes  for our kiddos just being able to talk to other Chinese speaking kids is a treat. Our 3 still speak Mandarin with each other, but Chloe really longs for a girl to "hang out with."

I've decided to pick the kids brains, on what they remember from day to day life in the orphanage.  I know some people are interested in what they have seen and done, things they have been exposed to, things they missed.  Their feelings about lots of things from the past.

Is there anything special you all would like to know?

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