Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A day in his life

I know some people who were interested in what day to day life was like for our kids in the orphanage. So I thought it would be neat to ASK them. Let them tell me what they experienced.

So I'm starting with Chance since he is the most "open." I'm gonna type for him and ask him to go through a typical day.....

I slept in a room with 4 other boys, each had they own bed.  We had cabinet to keep our stuff, but people steal it.  (other kids)

Usually got up ourself.  Was already dressed, slept in clothes so I would have clothes.  Sometimes I would shower.  But no one say to shower unless they stink.  They not care about big kids, big kids take care of themselves. 

Went to breakfast, got rice every day, sometimes with egg in it.  Then walked to school, no one like him in school (teacher) he went to 2 schools- (he confirmed he was kicked out of the first school for fighting and not doing his homework)-- he said homework too hard and no one would help him because they all know he not smart. (Momma bear here, they sure were wrong, he's very smart)

Some people made fun of me in school, saying "you don't have mother."  I walked back to orphanage for lunch, would have chicken, it was very good, sometimes have bread, meat, but every day have rice.  But sometimes the water pump was broke and we didn't have water so we eat bread with hot stuff.

Went back to school in afternoon,  we go outside to play in afternoon at school. Played ping pong.  When I hit people I not allowed to go out.  If not know things teacher yelled at me, always yelled at me not care about me, not nice.

Went back to orphanage in evening had supper, bread, soup, meat, egg with cabbage.  Then went out to play, shut eye, find someone.  (Hide and seek)
We burn down tree, no one see us, so we not get in trouble.  We clean room when someone come (visitors to orphanage) so we get a toy or snack. We not clean other times, no one care or tell us to.

I was not allowed to be out past 7 o' clock, that's off the orphanage grounds.  The director would ask where we went but we would lie to him.  I went swimming in a pond, went into cave, and I made it out. 

I was told Chloe was being adopted and going to a house.  Someone Chinese ask me to be adopted by them, before Chloe adopted. But I no like them so I said no.  They tell me I can have girlfriend, but I not want be adopted by them.

Then they come tell me I go to same home as Chloe, and I wanted to.

Things I asked him--

Did he know he had to be adopted before he was 14--
Yes, he didn't worry about that, he worried about having food to eat

Your favorite thing in the orphanage--
A hand me down shirt

Best thing that ever happened at the orphanage--
Chinese New Year, we got money

Worst thing-
Had to practice multiplication

Favorite person-
Teacher, not like teacher here, means auntie (caregiver)

Least favorite-
An older boy who was mean to all (hitting and fighting with everyone)

Best Day ever-
Leaving to come to us, was taken shopping to get new clothes

Well, there you go.  The world of orphanage living in Chance's eyes. All this momma can say is I am soooo thankful he is no longer living that life.  He is wanted, cared about, cherished, and best of all, he has God. He knows Him. 

He is one of God's perfectly made treasures. And he sat there and waited, and waited for a family. So many children wait and wait, people scared to take a risk, to trust in God to bring home an older son. Yet, our life would not be what it is, without this son. He's always smiling.  He looks forward.  He's a gift.

One we are thankful for:)


Andi said...

What a blessing to hear his story. And what a blessing God gave all of you.

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Thanks for posting that. I am always amazed at what these kids have been through. My daughter describes similar things.

Tracey said...

Thanks to him and you for sharing. Sometimes I wonder what life would've been like for my daughter if she had remained in China. Other times, I can't go there. Love your blog.

Kennedy and Jaida's mom said...

Wow. As a teacher and a mother, this brings tears to my eyes. I'm so glad he's made his way to your family and that he has been reunited with Chloe. God bless his heart!

Kennedy and Jaida's mom said...

And I want to add...thank you for sharing this. My second daughter was brought home at 3 years old and isn`t able to tell us anything about her time in the orphanage. Although this is through your son`s eyes, it`s wonderful to hear it from a child`s perspective.

Jerry and Christy said...

Thank you Vickie and Chance for sharing this. We are just getting to know how our daughter spent her life before we adopted her(just over two weeks ago). She has been very open. I'm sure she has much more to share with us. It's not easy being older and leaving behind everything you know.Chance you are very brave and a blessing.

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing. SO glad he has you guys now and that he knows God. :)

MommaT said...

Sounds just like what Titus tells us...although I never heard about the tree:) Titus said Chance was and is his best friend:) These kids sure are a blessing- all of them! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for caring enough to give

Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing his story this is so important for people to hear.. thank him for us...I think he is a brave boy.