Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chloe's turn

The next treasure, the one who brought us 3 times the family we expected. Chloe.

I sleep in a room with 4 beds, there were 5 girls at different times in there with me.
Sometimes I by myself and it's scary, you know.

We have a locker for everyone to put their clothes in, we all have our own one.  We have a key for our locker.  I have clothes and junk food in my locker. No one take my stuff.

In morning would get self up.  No one wake us up and I make my bed, no one tell me to.  I would get money each month for us to get breakfast and for our life (mom here, allowance?) but would spend it on junk food so I would go to kids' room and they let us eat breakfast there.  I would eat congee with egg.  

I have little card orphanage people give me  to ride on bus free to get to school, but bus driver would yell at us that we should pay money.  Sometimes we walked or ride bike to school.  I would go with my friend who went to the same school as me.

Sometimes the kids at school made fun of me, for not having a family.  In a class and a boy made me mad and I grabbed his ear and twirled him around and he never messed with me again. (Mom here, WOW, this is my daughter! Way to go Chloe! I knew this girl had spunk)

Went to back to orphanage for lunch.  Would eat cucumbers, always rice, sometimes potato with chicken. Cabbage, tomato with egg, soup, pig meat.

Back to school at 1 o'clock.  Went outside for gym class.  Had a special outfit had to wear on Monday for the pledge of allegiance. 

School over for the day at 4 o' clock.  Went to store to buy junk food or video game store if have money.  Sometimes didn't go back to orphanage after school until night, no one check on me, no one care.  We had noodles for supper at the orphanage, sometimes we just have bread. Nothing else.

I had to be back at 9 o' clock or they lock door or climb the fence to get in, but they put a thing on it, when they find out we do that, so we couldn't get in the fence anymore.  

Things that I asked her-

Favorite possession at orphanage-
roller blades we sent her, a hand me down dress, and a shirt we sent her that said "Princess" on it.

Favorite day at orphanage-
Chinese New Year, got money, food, clothes

Worst day  at orphanage -
Clean up day when people come to look at orphanage and we had to clean up just for them to look and the day coming to me because they kept telling me you weren't coming and didn't want me because you were late. (Mom here, we were NOT late, we got there when we were told to be there, how DARE they tell her this! GRRR)

Favorite person-
Betty, an older girl who aged out:(

Least favorite person-
Another child that was mean to all the kids (same as Chance's answer)

Best Day ever-
American person came and took her to KFC and another missionary couple came and spent time with them-  these were the first American people (actually from England) she ever met

Did you know you had to be adopted before you turned 14-

Were you asked if you wanted to be adopted-
A woman (caregiver) would take me home with her sometimes and she ask me if I want to be her daughter but I say no.  I don't want to call Chinese woman "mother." (Mom here- phewww, good thing I'm a fluffy red head and she liked the looks of me? 'Cause I get called MOTHER.  Thank you Jesus, I get to be her mother.)

Do you remember the day you went to the orphanage-
Only that they made us take a shower

When I adopted you and learned of your brothers and said we would come back for them, did you believe me?
Not really

When did you believe we were going back for your brothers?
When we got them!

What do you miss the most from China-
 the FOOD

What is the best thing here-

What is the worst/hardest thing being adopted-
Gotta listen

What is the best thing about being adopted-
Nobody make fun of me

Anything else you want to say- 
I want to go back to China to eat junk food and it's my shower time

Well then. Another perfectly made by God treasure for sure. I'm still in awe of how brave she was to come with me.  Blown away. 

3 kiddos.  3 very different, but also some similar answers.

 All of their answers show me that these children needed to have a family. NEEDED to be wanted.  Needed to be adopted to a family that wanted them, love them, cherish them, feed them, give them God. 

Give them a future. Take a chance on them. Blessings, each and every one.

Older children.  So many lost.  So many age out and lose their last hope of ever being wanted.  Of not being "made fun of" ever again:(

I'm soooo thankful these 3 are our sons and daughter. We are proud they carry our name.  Proud to call them ours. Orphans no more. 


Regina said...

Oh my, this made me cry. I now have to read what the boys said. I will probably cry some more. God Bless these children and all the ones still waiting for their families.

Grandma Shelley said...

Vickie, these kids are so blessed to have you for their parents...and you are so blessed to have these children! Awesome...just awesome.

Hunan Mommy said...

Thank you for sharing all this. Just another reminder of all God had planned for your kids. Their story inspires me each time I read your blog :-)