Friday, November 25, 2011

Chase is next

I was able to catch up with Chase last evening- I'm talking with the kids one to one so they are not embarrassed, trying to talk over each other or saying "nuh, uhh," when each other talks.  (Very common here with the 3 of them)

So here goes Chase's take on the same thing, life in the same orphanage--

I slept in room with 7 beds. (not with Chance)  I had cabinet to put shoes, clothes, pants and snack kind of stuff in there.  I slept in my clothes, have no sleep clothes (pajamas)

Sometimes my stuff got stolen  and I yelled at they- sometimes got things back.

Orphanage people gave me money and  got breakfast on the street, usually noodles.  Took a bus to school by myself. (None of the 3 teens got to go to school together, no school would take all 3:(

I got in trouble in school for fighting, they talk not good to me and I get mad and fight with they.  I did a little homework, not much. Bad kids at school say me not have family, me at orphanage and I fight with they.

I ride back to orphanage for lunch.  Have chicken, rice, potato, cabbage, carrots.  Sometimes I got to cook after school if I did not like the supper.  I would cook egg and rice.  I wash my own dishes, big kids wash their own dishes, little kids have people take care of they.

Whatever time want to go shower, you go shower.  We had soap, no shampoo.  We wash our own clothes, I no want to use big washer that had baby poo poo in it,  so I wash my own clothes.

Sometimes I go outside and play, or play video games at store, wash dishes or clean floors to earn money to use the computer at store. Had to be back at orphanage at 9 o' clock or they lock the big door, then they have to call director and I get in trouble- they yell at me.

My questions-

Favorite possession-
A  toy car Chloe bought for him (when I got her) and left at the orphanage for him

Favorite person at the orphanage-
One auntie (caregiver)

Least favorite person at orphanage-
A mean auntie

Who told him Chloe was being adopted and how did he feel-
An auntie, and he was mad

Did he think we didn't want to adopt him, just Chloe-

Yes (mom here--he didn't know we weren't told about him- I can't imagine how much that must have hurt:(

Who did he tell he was being adopted-
His best friend at  his school (not an orphan) and they were mad at him for going to America but he said he was going to be with his sister

Did you ever help with little kids at the orphanage-
Helped feed they, help get they dressed, played with they, help they put shoes on. 

 If they sick they go to nurse and she try to take care of they but sometimes they die, if they have heart problem or other problem-- they too sick to live -this was babies, not bigger kids

Best day ever-
Going to you- (I had to hold back tears here--- ahhhh:)

Worse day ever-
When he hurt his leg, couldn't walk (mom here, he did that in a FIGHT)

Do you remember the day you went to the orphanage-
Yes, they mean to us, all of us, 'cause we new kids, but they feed us, make us shower

Did you know when you would have to leave the orphanage-
Yeah, 18 and was a little bit scared about that

What do you miss about China-
Orphanage auntie (caregiver) and best friend from school

Best thing about here-
Going to Hershey Park

Worse thing about being adopted-
Have to ask to do things

Best thing about being adopted-
Getting parents

Okay, mom here, another treasure for sure. Sitting and waiting.  Wanting to be wanted, needing to be some one's son.  He's not as easy going as Chance, but he is no less special. 

I feel his pain, of no one wanting to adopt the 3 of them, not caring if they were together. He took care of his siblings, he NEEDED to be with them.  To know they were okay.

He has struggled.  No doubt about it.  I don't sugarcoat. BUT, we have no doubt that this older child was brought to us by God, he was meant to be our son. He misses things, but he knows for the long run he is better off here. 

He is loved. He is wanted. He is learning about God, he knows of Him.  He is God's perfectly made treasure, just like all our children are.  He knows we do not care where he came from, he is our SON. We've seen him make great strides in the short time he has been home.  

He is with his siblings. For him this is his security.  He knows each day they are all waking up in the same house, same parents, being fed, being loved. There is no shame in going to school  or anywhere, they have our name.  

I'm so thankful for this son as well.  Meant to be.  

Stay tuned Chloe is next:)


Chris said...

Maybe I have to ask Joseph if he would be interviewed like that. Some of their life is so hard to talk about.

Joy said...

Thanks for sharing this series. There is no way I would be able to get SC to open up. She protects everything so so far inside right now.