Thursday, October 13, 2011

Settling In

It's just odd.

All the space. All the bedrooms. Not having to wait for someone to get out of the bathroom.

All the space. Did I say that already? It's just so different. Wonderful to spread out, knowing we all have beds to sleep in, no one in sleeping on the floor.

We have TV. I can check the weather each day. Our home. It's an amazing blessing we are so thankful for. That our family can enjoy this beautiful home is a gift. One I have waited for many years and wasn't sure we would ever see.

But here we are. Getting unpacked. Settling in our areas. The kids are getting used to everything. I still have a list of things to do, beyond unpacking. We have window sills to stain. I spent 6 hrs staining the stair well this week. We need closet rods, hubby has to work on those.

But as we sit here in the evening, much as we sat on the porch of this home and dreamed of when it would be done-- most every evening all summer, we just

marvel at how well it turned out. How lovely it all is.

I wish the kids attitudes matched my house:( Yeah, those boys again. Chase and Chance, both acted very much like the teens they are when they had a fit about helping me move some things, as well as Chase informing me he only had 4 pairs of clean unders and I didn't respond in a way that pleased him.

I told him he was "good to go for another 3 days at least." So I guess that was NOT the answer he was looking for? 'Cause he got mad and stayed mad. OIY.

Dad is working on clearing out the last of our things from the trailer tonight and getting the washer and dryer here and set up.

And I went yesterday and got sheets for all the kids, I don't quite know what happened to their OLD sheets, they all HAD them, but suddenly no one has any sheets? How does that happen?

Anyway, we are very happy our home is finally done. It was a long time coming.

Now we can focus on living our lives and not have the worry of the house remodel on us. YEAH!!


rachel garber said...

LOVE the house!!

Grandma Shelley said...

Vickie, I am so happy for you and your family. Oh my goodness....the memories you will make here. Big hugs......thank you for being such a great friend!

Lisa said...

Congratulations Vickie and family! The house is just beautiful, and I am especially jealous of that kitchen! I'm so sorry the boys are being stinkers to you -- maybe you can go into one of those new bathrooms, lock the door and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Anne said...

Hi Vickie,

I love the pictures. The house is beautiful and I especially like the colours. Chloe's room is great! Can't wait to see the rest. I am so happy for you that you are getting all settled in before winter and can now just relax and enjoy it!

Trish said...

Thanks for posting! I have been dying to see how it turned out. It looks great! So happy for you and your family.
Now, please update on the Phoebe front!