Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lights anyone?

Well we got the snow.  Yes, we sure did.  It looks like a fairy tale world out there, all ready for Christmas.  Yet it's still October!  Big, wet fluffy snowflakes fell for the better part of the morning.  I took this picture out of our livingroom window. Then just as we all got hungry for lunch, out went the lights.
We thought it wouldn't be too long that we sat with no lights, but it was 5 hr later when our friends arrived to have supper with us  and we were still powerless.  This  was to be our  first time we had company over in the new house for a meal. But it was not meant to be. 

We decided to go to their cabin as they did have power, just a mile away.  And wouldn't you know-- we pulled in their driveway and out went their power.  I'm sooo not kidding.

I heard Donovan spouting something about us carrying a curse, he knows I don't believe in such things.  But at any rate we had warm meatballs, grapes, yummy cookies and managed quite well even without power.

 My chicken noodle casserole had to be saved for tomorrow, since it couldn't be baked, but we had  plenty to eat and enjoyed a fun time with our friends.  They have the cutest 4 littles, 3 of whom are from China. Our older kids adore all little ones, since they spent quite a bit of time with young children at the orphanage.  They are very good with the little ones, and the little ones always seem to love the attention they are given by them.

The power finally did come on, at both houses.  So when we got home our whole place was lit up like there was a party going on here.  But no one was home and we had lots of lights to turn off:)

I included pictures of Kat dressed up for the Fall Festival Party at our church.  She got that whole bag full  of candy and she was dressed as a Princess, of course.

She really liked "Cowboy Mike," a good friend of ours who works with the youth of our church.

We've enjoyed seeing our first snow in the new house, and everyone is getting used to their rooms.  Although that Chloe, I told her we had a "back up plan" if it snowed today and dad couldn't move stuff from storage.  She said " we're going to move back to our old house?"  I couldn't figure out how she got that from me saying "back up plan."  But we often find that our "sayings" are quite puzzling to the teens.

I told Chance to "hold his pants on." And he told me they were on and he even had a belt too.  I told Chase he needed to take a chill pill and he asked me where to get one?

I don't think we realize how many of these sayings we have until you have someone who looks at you like you are totally nuts and then it occurs to us we have to explain ourselves.

One thing we haven't had to explain, Christmas lists, circling what you hope for in the toy catalog.  Yep. they are hard at it, and the "I want" disease is not leaving us anytime soon, I fear. My suggestion of focusing on what they have and how blessed they are must have went in one ear and right out the other one. 

Just like a bunch of teens, huh?  But for now no worries about Christmas since it's not coming sooner even if we do have snow. I can't remember the last time we had snow this early.  I wonder if it means we will have a snow filled winter?

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Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Icky Snow! Glad we didn't get any! Your kids are getting BIG!