Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I guess I better learn to shorten the gab.  I wrote out a post 3 times and it deleted on me? OIY.

Here's  a quicky update.  Teens went to doctor today- Chase did another one of his "I think I'll turn pale, clammy and pass out" tricks.  Needless to say I was NOT amused, as he is bigger than me now and not so easy to catch.  He tolerated 2 shots last summer, but not 4 in China or today? 

Maybe a needle phobia? Chloe cried.  She got 5 shots.  Just physicals and shots, nothing wrong with any of them.

We went on a hayride on Sunday evening, nearly came back less one kid.  Yep, Camden fell off, hopped back on and said it was the biggest fun he ever had.? Only our kid, of course.

Chase said "take picture" when he saw me snapping shots before the hayride.  And look at how much this son loves his dad.  He is obviously his favorite parent.  I hold no  who am I kidding grudge about that- at least he thinks one of us is super, right?  He's getting there with me, it's just taking longer for him to warm up.

I think of dad and how patient and tolerant he was waiting for Chloe to warm up to him. And I know I have to just give our son time to get used to me.  I mean, how could he NOT like me?

I understand he is a bit puzzled by a mom who can take care of herself.  No need for him to care for me, he can just focus on being a kid.  Something he doesn't know quite how to do either.

We seem to have a disease running rampant around here, it's called the "I wants."  I got a little tired of hearing what they are wanting for Christmas, or just because they WANT IT _ whatever IT is, and they want it NOW- so I told them they needed to start focusing on what they DO have. 

 I'm positive it was effective just like when I talk to the walls and they will straighten right up. 

I'll let you all know how that all works out. 

Enjoying the fall colors, wow, are they fabulous.  Hope everyone reading is able to see the autumn leaves, so many shades and the hint of winter to come. Calling for SNOW on Sat.  We'll see if that comes our way and let you know.

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