Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday girls

It's known around here as "Party Week." First is Mal, who turned 20 on Monday. We celebrated with pizza- since it was a fundraiser for the mission trip Chloe is going on:)

Then a party this evening for the next party girl, Kat turned a big 8 years old today! WOW. Hard to believe. She had a Hello K*tty cake and I baked pumpkin pie for Mal, who prefers pumpkin pie:)

Next is my big day, it will be less exciting now that I am "getting up there." And then on Sunday dad and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. Dad calls it an expensive week. It does take care of a bunch of us all at once.

Miss Kat asked for a Barb*e Jeep, she plays with the neighbor's and although she easily makes the weight limit of less than 50 lbs, her legs are so long she really doesn't fit well. So instead she got the neatest little scooter. She was tickled, well-- pink.

It was so cute.

I've been puzzled this week by her, she took her shower one evening and the next morning I saw it. Her bangs. Or the lack thereof. Not all of them, just chunks? Like they broke off? I asked her what happened. Assured her she was not going to be in any trouble, did she touch the razor in the shower? Nope, she promises she did not. All she did was comb her hair. No scissors within her reach, at least not that day, then yesterday Uncle Roy sent her scissors for her birthday!! (girl loves to make crafts of any kind)

We laughed like crazy over that birthday gift, though, seeing how we were so baffled about her hair. But the puzzle has not been solved. She says she combed her hair, that's it. And she really does not mess with cutting her hair, she has done that in the past and I can't see her doing that. As well as the hair not looking as if it was cut. It's very choppy, pieces long, next to ones about 1 inch long. Very odd.

Anyway, we had a lovely birthday party for the "girls" and the hair mystery lives on.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful and wonderful daughters-- short, strange "bangs" and all:))


Mandolynn said...

When my mom was about eight years old, she cut her cousin's hair with pinking shears. Your description of Kat's hair brought that to mind. Not that she would have had pinking shears in the shower!

She says she has no idea why she felt the need to trim her cousin's hair with that particular implement, but she sure remembers the spanking she got for doing it!

Kristi said...

My hairdresser has this razor comb - it kinda thins your hair...do you by chance (or one of the older kiddos) have one of these?

Happy birthday/anniversary week to all!