Monday, October 10, 2011

5 years ago today

An amazing thing happened.

A tiny little slip of a girl was handed to us. A new daughter. Not born of our bodies but of our hearts.

Starting us on an incredible journey as our love for another culture and these children abandoned within that culture. Our hearts have grown, our family has grown, and our lives will never be the same.

We are so thankful that we were chosen for this life, this journey, these children.

Our love for them is endless. We are blessed, incredibly blessed and it all started with this one, the sweetest treasure we have ever known. Kat.

I had a gift for the sweet one, but with the move I can't find it. I know, what in the world? I can only say I am overwhelmed. I am trying to unpack, while wondering what we REALLY need since we lived without all this stuff for 4 months. So as I asked the kids to help, they apparently are sick of us moving and concerned with (gasp) only themselves.

How much space they are getting, when they are getting their pictures hung up, etc. Hey, don't forget most of them are teens. They think the world is all about them.

I was trying to get them to bring me boxes, I go through the boxes and if it's not stuff we need right away take it back to the storage room. But they got annoyed I was sending stuff back, and started throwing the stuff all over the storage room, so I had to regroup and start over in the storage room, going through boxes there. Made more sense to do that anyway.

We have stairs to stain, window frames to stain, closet rods to get in all the closets. Stuff to hang, and hubby has to do that, since I am a "eye ball it and put in a nail" kinda girl, while he is a "measure and get it perfect the first time" kinda guy.

And hopefully I can find Miss Kitty her Family Day gift. It's here somewhere.

I posted pics of Miss cute stuff and Chloe fixing up her room, as well as our new kitchen. More house pics to come-- it turned out fantastic. It's really something. Worth the wait for sure:)

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