Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lights anyone?

Well we got the snow.  Yes, we sure did.  It looks like a fairy tale world out there, all ready for Christmas.  Yet it's still October!  Big, wet fluffy snowflakes fell for the better part of the morning.  I took this picture out of our livingroom window. Then just as we all got hungry for lunch, out went the lights.
We thought it wouldn't be too long that we sat with no lights, but it was 5 hr later when our friends arrived to have supper with us  and we were still powerless.  This  was to be our  first time we had company over in the new house for a meal. But it was not meant to be. 

We decided to go to their cabin as they did have power, just a mile away.  And wouldn't you know-- we pulled in their driveway and out went their power.  I'm sooo not kidding.

I heard Donovan spouting something about us carrying a curse, he knows I don't believe in such things.  But at any rate we had warm meatballs, grapes, yummy cookies and managed quite well even without power.

 My chicken noodle casserole had to be saved for tomorrow, since it couldn't be baked, but we had  plenty to eat and enjoyed a fun time with our friends.  They have the cutest 4 littles, 3 of whom are from China. Our older kids adore all little ones, since they spent quite a bit of time with young children at the orphanage.  They are very good with the little ones, and the little ones always seem to love the attention they are given by them.

The power finally did come on, at both houses.  So when we got home our whole place was lit up like there was a party going on here.  But no one was home and we had lots of lights to turn off:)

I included pictures of Kat dressed up for the Fall Festival Party at our church.  She got that whole bag full  of candy and she was dressed as a Princess, of course.

She really liked "Cowboy Mike," a good friend of ours who works with the youth of our church.

We've enjoyed seeing our first snow in the new house, and everyone is getting used to their rooms.  Although that Chloe, I told her we had a "back up plan" if it snowed today and dad couldn't move stuff from storage.  She said " we're going to move back to our old house?"  I couldn't figure out how she got that from me saying "back up plan."  But we often find that our "sayings" are quite puzzling to the teens.

I told Chance to "hold his pants on." And he told me they were on and he even had a belt too.  I told Chase he needed to take a chill pill and he asked me where to get one?

I don't think we realize how many of these sayings we have until you have someone who looks at you like you are totally nuts and then it occurs to us we have to explain ourselves.

One thing we haven't had to explain, Christmas lists, circling what you hope for in the toy catalog.  Yep. they are hard at it, and the "I want" disease is not leaving us anytime soon, I fear. My suggestion of focusing on what they have and how blessed they are must have went in one ear and right out the other one. 

Just like a bunch of teens, huh?  But for now no worries about Christmas since it's not coming sooner even if we do have snow. I can't remember the last time we had snow this early.  I wonder if it means we will have a snow filled winter?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I guess I better learn to shorten the gab.  I wrote out a post 3 times and it deleted on me? OIY.

Here's  a quicky update.  Teens went to doctor today- Chase did another one of his "I think I'll turn pale, clammy and pass out" tricks.  Needless to say I was NOT amused, as he is bigger than me now and not so easy to catch.  He tolerated 2 shots last summer, but not 4 in China or today? 

Maybe a needle phobia? Chloe cried.  She got 5 shots.  Just physicals and shots, nothing wrong with any of them.

We went on a hayride on Sunday evening, nearly came back less one kid.  Yep, Camden fell off, hopped back on and said it was the biggest fun he ever had.? Only our kid, of course.

Chase said "take picture" when he saw me snapping shots before the hayride.  And look at how much this son loves his dad.  He is obviously his favorite parent.  I hold no  who am I kidding grudge about that- at least he thinks one of us is super, right?  He's getting there with me, it's just taking longer for him to warm up.

I think of dad and how patient and tolerant he was waiting for Chloe to warm up to him. And I know I have to just give our son time to get used to me.  I mean, how could he NOT like me?

I understand he is a bit puzzled by a mom who can take care of herself.  No need for him to care for me, he can just focus on being a kid.  Something he doesn't know quite how to do either.

We seem to have a disease running rampant around here, it's called the "I wants."  I got a little tired of hearing what they are wanting for Christmas, or just because they WANT IT _ whatever IT is, and they want it NOW- so I told them they needed to start focusing on what they DO have. 

 I'm positive it was effective just like when I talk to the walls and they will straighten right up. 

I'll let you all know how that all works out. 

Enjoying the fall colors, wow, are they fabulous.  Hope everyone reading is able to see the autumn leaves, so many shades and the hint of winter to come. Calling for SNOW on Sat.  We'll see if that comes our way and let you know.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another year older. Not that I mind. Nope. 'Cause I've learned so much and keep learning, the older I get. I like the fact I gain maturity and knowledge as I age.
That I have learned to share my life with many. That I have overcome many things and still have an open heart. And God has blessed me greatly. He has sustained me through many years, many trials. And I am so thankful to have Him in my life, to be able to freely worship Him.
I had a lovely day. On the quiet side. I did my usual chores, dishes, laundry, again, not minding because I am happy to have water, a washer, a dryer, soap. More than some folks have. I try to never take for granted ALL I have.

Hubby brought home supper, a nice treat for all. And cheesecake:) And he bought me 2 books and a purse. Normally I am a fussy purse woman, no one tries to buy me a purse, I like a certain amount of pockets, a certain size of purse.
But he got me this cute patterned purse, and it's perfect. I really like it.

Kat presented me with the picture above, and said I was "skinny" in her picture. I guess that was supposed to make me feel good? I will treasure her picture of skinny me, no matter what.

Chance said to me "Sorry mom, I no have gift" and I told him a hug could be a gift. He then said " so when you birfday mom?" And when I said "today" he then hugged me and said "wow, that gift was free, cost no money." And I told him those were gifts of the best kind:)

Chloe wanted to know why the cheese cake looked like chocolate and did it really have cheese in it? Girl hates cheese. Loathes it. She has NO idea what she is missing:)

I'm off to have a piece or two of that cheese cake, drink a cup of tea, kick back with a book and enjoy the rest of my day. 44 years of life. I'm thrilled to be alive, well and the momma of MANY.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday girls

It's known around here as "Party Week." First is Mal, who turned 20 on Monday. We celebrated with pizza- since it was a fundraiser for the mission trip Chloe is going on:)

Then a party this evening for the next party girl, Kat turned a big 8 years old today! WOW. Hard to believe. She had a Hello K*tty cake and I baked pumpkin pie for Mal, who prefers pumpkin pie:)

Next is my big day, it will be less exciting now that I am "getting up there." And then on Sunday dad and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. Dad calls it an expensive week. It does take care of a bunch of us all at once.

Miss Kat asked for a Barb*e Jeep, she plays with the neighbor's and although she easily makes the weight limit of less than 50 lbs, her legs are so long she really doesn't fit well. So instead she got the neatest little scooter. She was tickled, well-- pink.

It was so cute.

I've been puzzled this week by her, she took her shower one evening and the next morning I saw it. Her bangs. Or the lack thereof. Not all of them, just chunks? Like they broke off? I asked her what happened. Assured her she was not going to be in any trouble, did she touch the razor in the shower? Nope, she promises she did not. All she did was comb her hair. No scissors within her reach, at least not that day, then yesterday Uncle Roy sent her scissors for her birthday!! (girl loves to make crafts of any kind)

We laughed like crazy over that birthday gift, though, seeing how we were so baffled about her hair. But the puzzle has not been solved. She says she combed her hair, that's it. And she really does not mess with cutting her hair, she has done that in the past and I can't see her doing that. As well as the hair not looking as if it was cut. It's very choppy, pieces long, next to ones about 1 inch long. Very odd.

Anyway, we had a lovely birthday party for the "girls" and the hair mystery lives on.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful and wonderful daughters-- short, strange "bangs" and all:))

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Settling In

It's just odd.

All the space. All the bedrooms. Not having to wait for someone to get out of the bathroom.

All the space. Did I say that already? It's just so different. Wonderful to spread out, knowing we all have beds to sleep in, no one in sleeping on the floor.

We have TV. I can check the weather each day. Our home. It's an amazing blessing we are so thankful for. That our family can enjoy this beautiful home is a gift. One I have waited for many years and wasn't sure we would ever see.

But here we are. Getting unpacked. Settling in our areas. The kids are getting used to everything. I still have a list of things to do, beyond unpacking. We have window sills to stain. I spent 6 hrs staining the stair well this week. We need closet rods, hubby has to work on those.

But as we sit here in the evening, much as we sat on the porch of this home and dreamed of when it would be done-- most every evening all summer, we just

marvel at how well it turned out. How lovely it all is.

I wish the kids attitudes matched my house:( Yeah, those boys again. Chase and Chance, both acted very much like the teens they are when they had a fit about helping me move some things, as well as Chase informing me he only had 4 pairs of clean unders and I didn't respond in a way that pleased him.

I told him he was "good to go for another 3 days at least." So I guess that was NOT the answer he was looking for? 'Cause he got mad and stayed mad. OIY.

Dad is working on clearing out the last of our things from the trailer tonight and getting the washer and dryer here and set up.

And I went yesterday and got sheets for all the kids, I don't quite know what happened to their OLD sheets, they all HAD them, but suddenly no one has any sheets? How does that happen?

Anyway, we are very happy our home is finally done. It was a long time coming.

Now we can focus on living our lives and not have the worry of the house remodel on us. YEAH!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

5 years ago today

An amazing thing happened.

A tiny little slip of a girl was handed to us. A new daughter. Not born of our bodies but of our hearts.

Starting us on an incredible journey as our love for another culture and these children abandoned within that culture. Our hearts have grown, our family has grown, and our lives will never be the same.

We are so thankful that we were chosen for this life, this journey, these children.

Our love for them is endless. We are blessed, incredibly blessed and it all started with this one, the sweetest treasure we have ever known. Kat.

I had a gift for the sweet one, but with the move I can't find it. I know, what in the world? I can only say I am overwhelmed. I am trying to unpack, while wondering what we REALLY need since we lived without all this stuff for 4 months. So as I asked the kids to help, they apparently are sick of us moving and concerned with (gasp) only themselves.

How much space they are getting, when they are getting their pictures hung up, etc. Hey, don't forget most of them are teens. They think the world is all about them.

I was trying to get them to bring me boxes, I go through the boxes and if it's not stuff we need right away take it back to the storage room. But they got annoyed I was sending stuff back, and started throwing the stuff all over the storage room, so I had to regroup and start over in the storage room, going through boxes there. Made more sense to do that anyway.

We have stairs to stain, window frames to stain, closet rods to get in all the closets. Stuff to hang, and hubby has to do that, since I am a "eye ball it and put in a nail" kinda girl, while he is a "measure and get it perfect the first time" kinda guy.

And hopefully I can find Miss Kitty her Family Day gift. It's here somewhere.

I posted pics of Miss cute stuff and Chloe fixing up her room, as well as our new kitchen. More house pics to come-- it turned out fantastic. It's really something. Worth the wait for sure:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Missing you

Today I cried,

held tight in your daddy's arms.

For I missed you, you see,

your smile, your charm.

Gone too soon,

we knew your life would be short.

And we accepted God's invitation to love you,

Even when we knew losing you would hurt.

We could not have loved you more,

We feel so honored to have been blessed by your life.

Your eyes so blue, your soft little coos.

You stayed until it was time for you to take flight.

You taught us to live each day to it's fullest,

'cause no one know what tomorrow will be.

You earned your wings dear son,

And are now God's sweetest angel baby.

In Honor of our precious son, Tristan, whom we will never forget and never stop loving. His life was an amazing gift to us.

Born 12-26-07 Became an angel 10-8-08 age 9 months 12 days.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


So sorry. (MOM) Been too busy to blog. Why you say? Well-----we heard some magic words yesterday.

MOVE IN. It's all done. We're outta here. See ya, have a nice life. And off they went. All the "dudes" leaving us with a dirty, but done home.

So last night we cleaned up the construction mess and partially set up our new living room. I just HAD to have one room looking like we live there, besides Chloe's room, who btw, moved herself in over the course of this week already. 'Cause her room was done.

We still have a few odds and ends to do, put on toilet seats, closet rods, staining the stairwell. The back splash guy is coming tomorrow, he is also the floor guy so he will put down the trim between floors and around the steps. The stone out front isn't done yet, but that isn't keeping us out.

We are moving in. FINALLY. It's looking amazing. A complete blessing, even with the hassles. Had another one (hassle) this am but it turned out better than we thought. Water got going yesterday via the plumber and we had rotten egg smell. OIY. Called the well drilling company this am to see if we needed a whole house filter for sulfur.

NOPE. Thank God, we just needed to "shock" the water in hot water tank as it had sat for a time and when it does that bacteria grows in it and smells like sulfur. Stink-ee.

So dude arrived and now it smells bleachy clean- ha ha.

And I'm off to get some more cleaning done and stuff arranged. Pictures to come, no time to post them now.

For all who responded to the "baby picture" post, thank you. The kids were "found" older. No young finding ads for them. And I am letting them think about what they want to do, how they want to handle it. I was just thrilled to give them choices, to not have to say "too bad we have no baby pictures." And they are very thankful and amazed they have some options to choose from.

I appreciated every one's opinions and am so thankful you care enough to share with us, these wonderful and tough times with our family.

For now, party hardy for us, we are moving in. WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!