Thursday, September 1, 2011

There's a need

When I hear of a family in need I want to help, especially when it's for a child of God, coming home to a great family but those last funds needed are short. Because I have first hand witnessed the miracles God can do- just a look at my 2 sons here today because God called and His people said "Yes, oh yes. Let me be a part of this. And dollar by dollar we were blown away.

I am NOT asking for help for us to adopt Phoebe, I have shared that so far God has generously provided our funds needed to proceed. And we are NO less thankful for that.

But I come to my wonderful friends, fellow adoptive families, and most of all Christians in love with the orphans, those of you who hold them in your hearts, and don't hesitiate to give with loving hearts.

This child is 9. She is a special needs child, which means, she is super special to her family as her need is THEM. And they WILL give her a fabulous family. We know this family and they are great people.

I love to see any and ALL children get a family. I know, oh I know, so well, how deeply important it is. And I know these are God's precious children that He wants to see happy, loved, in homes with families that love them. It is not His Will that these children are orphans and unloved. I could tell you terrible stories of things my own children have endured being orphans in a society that didn't want them.

But this is about LOVE-- the love of a family for a girl, who needs to know she is wanted. She is loved. She has a Heavenly Father who adores her. And she will be getting that. And more. Just look at how happy our Chloe is and imagine if she had never gotten adopted?? Ohh. I can't imagine life without her! What a lost treasure she would have been, I shudder to even think of it, but thankfully she is not, nor are her brothers. They are loved. They are orphans NO LONGER.

SO PLEASE. I ASK. For every orphan hoping "Will they come for me today? My family, someone who wants ME, not a tiny baby, but ME, a bigger girl, with an issue or two? Could anyone really care to want me?"

Please give with your hearts. Give to help Kelia get home. Be a part of something so special that every time you think about it, doesn't matter if it's years from now, you'll get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing YOU helped this one, to make it to a family. And God will see what you did. He will be thrilled.

And one by one, till there are NO MORE------ we all can do something to see 163 MILLION orphans, be one less, then another, and another and another and another------------

Could it get any better than that? Let's do it. Let's knock the mountain her parents see as the burden keeping them from getting her home to the ant hill God sees $$ roadblocks as. Let's blow this mountain people, I wanna watch it going.... going..... GONE.

I PROMISE I will post a MUCH worth it updated picture of our newest treasure, Miss Phoebe if the total amount needed comes in for Kelia. Just a little incentive for you all:))

I had to come back and edit, I forgot to even mention cool giveaway you will be entered in if you do give, I guess it's not the most important thing, of course, but it's a neat chance to get something if you win.

Do you hear God calling you- For go that take out coffee today- give that $5 to honor God's wishes! He tells us to "love and care for the orphans." Now get on over there and let's LOVE, let's CARE, let's GIVE!!

Blow the mountain, blow my socks off, more importantly --make God laugh with JOY at how many people respond to His call. He knows your heart, He gives the opportunity, the means, now it's your time/turn to do IT.

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