Monday, September 19, 2011

Paintin' done

Thanking God for the strong body He gave me to get all the painting done. WHOOO HOOO, it's completed. Every room has primer, ceilings painted white, and 2 coats of color.

I'm a girl who likes color, Chloe calls it "flavor." Gotta have color (flavor). We have a lovely variety, our main areas, hallways, entry and living room are done in a sandstone textured paint with glitter that you only see sparkle when the sun hits it. Tiny gold twinkling. It's soooo pretty, but was sooooo messy to paint. It has real sand in it and splattered everywhere on me, even in my eyes:(

Then the kitchen/ dining room combo is sage green. Bathroom is pale blue. Chloe's room is a load of fun- pink on 2 walls, 2 white on 2 walls, then circles of all different sizes go around the middle of the room like a wave. They are in hot pink, white, pink and black, and the black ones are done in chalkboard paint:)

Kat's room is lavender and mint green. So girly. Master bedroom is hunter green. The boys' room are pale blue and then Camden and Chance picked out green and yellow for their room. Downstairs bathroom is white and the family room is now amber yellow. Like a gold color. It started out white, I didn't like that, I did antique white/tan and dad didn't like that, so then it went to gold and I have no desire to repaint it ever again.

I really have no desire to repaint ANY of those rooms for a good long time. I finished up yesterday- yeah, I know it was Sunday and you aren't supposed to be working. BUT the floor guy started today, bright and early and I had to get it done.

The kids did a ton of work Sat. I took I-pods hostage and demanded some help. I found out Chloe and Chase are great at painting, they are careful and do a good job. Chance and Camden do a fast job, not so neat though. I never would have gotten done if they hadn't helped me, and they are helped dad too working on staining the trim, all 150 pieces of it.

It's going to be amazing when we can stand in a room and say- "See that trim, you did that, or, I painted those walls," etc. Pride. In our home. The kids are really starting to get it when it comes to this being "our home" and what we put into it matters.

Not that we are encouraging materialism, no way, but this house is a blessing God has given us and we want the kids to see what all goes in it to learn some care for their surroundings. We all have a "painting outfit" except Princess Kat, of course, but I have 2 so I make up for her lack of painting hours. And my 2 outfits are sorry looking clothes now.

We do have to wonder if we are experiencing more issues than most? We ordered 6 cabinets to fix the upper cabinets that are not correctly put in and to add to the cabinet space. WELL---- when the lower cabinet was to go in this morning before the floor was started we learned we had 6 UPPER cupboards, not one lower cabinet to be found:(

Also the cement porch has cracked in one place, and the crack is growing bigger daily. The kids put paint rollers still wet with paint on the deck, the already stained deck:(

It seems we daily come upon an issue, or two which I wonder if it's to teach us patience or what? IS this just how it is when you remodel/build? If so, why does anyone ever do this? It's such a hassle. It's frustrating to say the least.

Add in the not so much fun of an issue of our e-mail being invaded by some goofball that was using our address in the wrong then called our Internet provider and got them to place a freeze on OUR account last week.

When I called today because hubby couldn't take calling one more time (called 3 times over the weekend with no success) I finally got a real person on the line at 48 minutes, 36 seconds. And I said to her ( it was a great effort but I said this very nicely) " I just want to tell you this first. I have been on hold for 48 minutes of my life. Please do not apologize either because the automated dude you have come on every 30 seconds to tell me you all were too busy for my call has now apologized to me 284 times."

She was SPEECHLESS. She paused and said "I hope I can help you?" And she did. Our account is unfrozen and goofball is being warned not to use it again. One small success in my world today- ha ha!

I did take a few moments off yesterday and caught a pic of Donovan for his year book. He looks so grown up. And since everyone asks, the red mark beside his lip is a birth mark, he's had it since birth. Donovan took a break from installing outlets, our house needing electrical work is his lifetime dream job:) He wanted to help and got his first "shock" and I don't mean that we didn't pay him. He got shocked by an outlet he thought was off.

I'm off now for bed, tomorrow the tile goes down. The kids are so excited, they can't hardly stand it. I must hear 50 times a day in the hours I see them- "when is my room gonna be done? Are we moving in soon. What will we do the first day we are in the house? Where will we put this, or that?"

Tomorrow I will be calling the cabinet dude bright and early. I'll try really hard to be nice. (mom)


MommaT said...

Yay, one step closer to being in your house. There will have to be one great big party on moving day!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on getting all that painting done! I can't imagine doing what you're doing. You Are Amazing! And I think it's really great that the kids are all helping, so that they have great pride in their new home. It's not materialistic at all to be proud of something you've worked so hard for. Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear about all the progress on the home. If the tile guy doesn't show you should just have Chloe call for you. I have a feeling that she could be persistent enough to get him out ASAP.