Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lunch with my eldest

My oldest "Son"shine. As I call him.

On break from the semester, he went with me to get Chloe's new laminate floor (another lesson- don't try to reuse laminate, sigh)

And closet lights. Must be covered lights. Per code. Did you all know that? Now you do.

So off we went. Got the flooring, picked out some books son could buy me for my up and coming birthday ( the only way I get a gift from him- if I pick it and it's usually books:)

Lunch was sushi. A favorite of both of ours. Although I had 2 bowls of wonton soup because my throat is horribly sore, thanks to the not-so-lovely strep throat I got from somewhere.

We enjoyed a HUGE laugh when I got to the check out at the home store and didn't I stick my foot right into my mouth. I saw a young man just waiting for a "customer" and I said---- "Look, a man just waiting to check me out."

OIY. I realized how that sounded and tried to say "Uhh, I'm married, happily married, with 12 kids and I mean you are waiting to check out my items?"

Double OIY. What could have been terribly embarrassing just became funny and funnier. Such is what happens when I take any of my kids anywhere. We act like nuts.

Derrik, aka sonshine, felt terrible I had to get flooring and lights for the house, since I wasn't feeling well, so not only did he treat me to lunch, he had me stop and he got me ice cream for later today. To sooth my throat. Such a sweetie.

Anyway, we were asked by a dear friend to send out postcards to her grandson in South Dakota, for his class to look up where post cards come in from and see the differences in where people live/ weather, etc. So we included where the kiddos are from as well, sent one from the teens, and one from Kat.

So if Jory's class comes checkin' out this lil' ol' blog- then "HI!!!! Jory and friends." Or Ni Hao in Chinese which sounds like "knee how?" We LOVE education and fun ways to learn. I hope we can stay in touch and see how winter goes here and compare it to there.

We are off to clean the attic- hey now-- the kids asked what they could "do" as soon as they got off the bus. I was ready and prepared for them today:)

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Chad and Kristy said...

How in the world did you get my strep from why down here in Alabama??? I have been to the doctor 5 times last week...once for each of us. Thankful the co-pay was just $5 for the kidos. Hope you are better!