Saturday, September 24, 2011


Well, we are hearing rumors that our house will be done enough for us to move in soon. The floors are going down, trim is supposed to be done next week, as is the final electrical stuff and plumbing stuff. The stove, fridge and microwave came yesterday.

I am learning so much with this remodel.


I NEVER want to remodel/build again. MY "vision" is officially shut down.

I would NEVER make it as a house flipper, I would hurt someone and end up in jail.

Budgets mean NOTHING to contractors. I think their motto is "budgets are meant to be broken, let's party."

Expect the worse with everything. 'Cause that's likely what you will get. No one comes on time, does what they are supposed to, works a full day, or tells the truth about when they will be done.

It must be in the code book of building and the #1 rule in builder's school- always say "Oh, soon", or "Maybe", or my all-time-favorite "We'll SEE." We sure do. We SEE nothing happen for weeks on end.

Miss Kitty can pull off pretty stinkin' cute no matter where she lives:) See pictures above- and yes, we are bias. Of course we are. Sweetness inside and out.

So other than the fun of our remodel/build, our week has been fairly quiet.

I'm almost scared to write that. No calls from the school, no one missed the bus, no one created drama, besides Camden and Chance.

Camden's drama? He is going to Outdoor School next Tuesday- Friday and last night he HAD to pack. Had to. And when I told him it might help if he cleaned up his pile of crap-mainly clothes he can't seem to walk a whole 50 feet to the laundry, he came out with a huge armload of clothes and dumped them in a laundry basket.

When he came to me 4 hours later and wanted to know if those clothes were done yet? Well... let's just say I was not amused, sooo not amused. Didn't have ONE chuckle for him:( I hadn't even STARTED them. It was pouring down rain so no chance of hanging anything out, matter of fact there's ended up being a few things on the clothes line for 2 days due to it raining every day.

Who does that child think I am? Laundry Queen?

The kids had off school yesterday just for fun (teacher inservice day already)and they parked themselves on the new living room floor like a bunch of puppies, they got the outdoor chair cushions and sacked out watching movies all day. Nothin' else to do in the rain. They watched the floor guy for a while, I hope they didn't annoy him, 'cause at 2 pm I realized he was GONE. Done for the day I guess?

I went for groceries, a dreaded chore and took Chance after dad got home. Chance said "First time you pick me." Not true, but he was so happy I "picked him" to go along. Funny how something so simple makes him so happy. We had lost electric for some reason (remind me to post about the joys of living in the country) anyway and were bored, so we took off.

We had gone to the store last week, when Camden needed some track type pants, and Chance had his drama fit. Giving me dirty looks all through the store, pouting, staying back from us like he didn't belong to me. I couldn't figure out his issue, I thought he was jealous Camden was getting a pair of pants. We still see that quite a bit. Even though the 3 teens have quite a bit of nice, new clothing.

So he got sent to the kid room when we got home. And I told him I buy a TON of clothes for all of them and that when Chase outgrows things, he passes them down if they are still nice, and we expected him to do the same. Because his issue was that Camden was wearing a pair of jeans of HIS. That didn't FIT him anymore.

I sometimes do forget these kids had NOTHING of theirs. They can and do have a hard time letting go of things, even clothes that no longer fit. Because they would wear things that no longer fit just to HAVE clothes in the orphanage.

It was so sweet though, when Chance came to me later and said "Mom, can you forgive me? I think about it, and you right. I give too small things to Camden, 'cause you buy me more."

I told him I didn't want him to ever be without if I could help it and that I wanted him to understand he didn't HAVE to hang on to things that no longer fit. It wasn't about me wanting Camden to have all his stuff. ( a common thought for them- that Camden is "favored") And he got it. He told me he understood.

Then I explained to him that he hurt Camden's feelings, that he would feel bad if Chase yelled at him in a store about wearing his clothes, so he apologized to Camden. Learning.

Although he might have gone overboard, I heard him say to Chloe, he "didn't think he looked good enough in his shoes anymore, he needed new ones." Uhh, NO. I told him we did not buy new shoes because we needed to LOOK good when the ones just bought a month ago were perfectly fine.

OIY. What a fine line we walk. Trying not to spoil but also provide. Trying to help them share, but also not take away comforts for them. Always learning and sharing their lives. Watching them grow. The are priceless.

Unlike home remodeling, which is NOT priceless. So I'm off to see if any money to extend the budget is growing on the trees at the house, what are the odds of that?? Ha ha!

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