Monday, September 26, 2011

It's all about teeth

Off to the dentist we went today. A new one because, quite frankly the last one made me mad. Offended me.

How? You say? Well---- when they charged me $90 EXTRA to clean the plaque off of Chase's teeth when I honestly told them that he had never seen a dentist before and came from an orphanage. A regular cleaning fee I would have taken, but $90 MORE tacked on? Like if anyone had light/no plaque do you think they give out a discount? I don't think so.

And that was it for me, cause they KNEW we do not have dental insurance.

Now, I do not ask for favors for my children, they are our responsibility, we accept that. But to be charged extra due to their past circumstances that could not be helped, I'm not going to sit back and take that either.

So the new dentist was really nice. They were so interested in the kids, they blocked off 3 hrs for me to bring all 5 at once. OIY. What was I thinking? I had to make a mad run to pick up 5 kids at 4 different schools! Then boogie to get to the dentist on time.

No one came out unscathed:( Chloe still has a issue with a front tooth that did not come out well with the extensive treatment the first dentist tried. Chance has 2 cavities as do Camden and Chase. Kat has 2 tiny ones but they are in teeth getting ready to fall out. So they all get to go back, but in doubles, not all 5.

I think the dentist needs time to replenish the prize basket, the kids were so tickled with the prize basket they got about 5 things EACH. I tried to tell them to get out of the basket, take one, etc. But the dentist told me to let them go, let them have as much as they wanted. He shook my hand and said they were such nice kids, he said we are "doing a great job with them." I told him we were blessed with these children, them being here was a miracle.

Usually I dread any new places where we have to give a health history for the kids, I have to be honest and tell them I don't know about a lot of things. But I learned more about my kids today, that (no surprise) Chase had to go to the hospital for fighting- oh, that temper of his. That was when we were going over if anyone had been in the hospital before they came home.

I was surprised how well the kids handled that long of a time in a tiny waiting room and with no Internet (I know, how dare they) but other than declaring to all they were going to starve to death till they all got done and back home, they were well behaved. Not their usual selves at all:)

And it seems that Camden would like to be a future dentist, because he convinced Kat to let him pull her very loose other front tooth. So now the tooth fairy is expected to visit tonight and Kat has now gotten twice as hard to understand.

At least for today the kids all have very clean teeth. No extra charges involved:)
Quite thankful for that.


~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Vickie, that's terrible about dentist #1! Personally, going to another dentist would not be enough for me. I would go to the yellowpages dot com and Google "dentists" in your town and then you will find where you can rate this dentist. I would then rate the dentist and warn future patients about this dentist.

Also, before I go to any doctor, I first do an internet search and read what other's experiences have been and then I choose who I or my family will go to see. I have been able to avoid more than one bad doctor this way.

God bless,

Cayle said...

My brother had a really bad experience with a dentist after we told the dentist it wasn't his fault for the plaque, since he never could take care of it before, the dentist didn't listen and then proceeded to take the plaque and make him smell it... absolutely the most horrid thing ever.

Molly's Mum said...

You are an AMAZING parent xxx