Friday, September 9, 2011

Awfully quiet

Hey- whatcha all up to? Been awful quiet here on the blog front. Our cable went out again for 5 days, no internet service or phone. The joys of living in the country:)

What have I been up to you ask? Or maybe ya didn't but I'm gonna tell you anyway.

I am painting. Normally I love to paint. Fairly cheap solution to make a big change in a room- bring on the paint. BUT--- having learned from the contractor that no money is in the budget for a painter- I wanted to scream. Because the dry wall is finished- done. Whooo- hooo you say.

Boo hoo I say. Because it means the WHOLE house has to be painted. All the ceilings are textured and they have to be painted with primer then painted white. Then the walls are most all new so they have to get a coat of primer first as well and then painted- 2 coats each. I have been working my tail off ( in fact my tail is GONE) for days, and have Chloe's, Kat and Phoebe's, master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/dining room done.

I have huge living room, entry way, 2 boys bedrooms, family room and a bathroom to go. I wanted to see if I could get someone to help me, I mean it's really NOT hard- no trim yet, no outlets, no lights to work around. Just painting. But the dude that came and gave me an estimate for the 8 rooms I had left to do was nuts, I tell ya. Looney toons. He quoted me $2180?? For 8 rooms?

That's like $272 per room. Insane. We are in an area of high unemployment, and I'll be saving my pennies, thank you very much. Yup, paintin' it myself, thinking every time I finish a room- well, I saved $272 there. And $272 there. So there.

And it will get done. The floor guy comes on Mon the 19th. His work will take a week, then we can get the electrician in to put in our lights and outlets and such and the contractor to finish up the trim and WE MOVE IN.

It is fun seeing the colors go on. Sage green, lavender and green, pink, blue. The blue for the bathroom was a bright, mind boggling blue. Hubby said last night at first coat he "hated it." I thought it would dry lighter. Well- it did which just made it brighter. I looked at it yesterday morning and realized there was NO WAY I wanted to look at that bright of anything first thing each morning and I took off for Chase's room to swap out some paint. He had a nice pale blue picked out and that's what it ended up.

Hubby came home and marveled how that blue had lightened up so much:)
(Yes MOM, I eventually told him the truth)

What have the kids been up to? School:) Going to school. Every day. One day off early already 'cause of the rain and flooding. It rained so much I thought I missed the announcement to build an ark and was missing the boat? Ha ha. It was really bad though.

I got 7 phone calls and 3 e-mails in the first 2 days of school. (I must be on speed dial) Then the phone went out at the house. Blasted kids know mother's cell phone number and gave that out to the school with glee- so I couldn't hide anywhere from the calls.

Mostly schedule changes, getting everyone settled, trying to find out why Kat wasn't getting a drink at lunch since she won't drink any type of milk and wasn't being offered juice this year? Not allowed we are told, so now she takes her own each day.

Our ESL program improved - our 3 teens are only 3 of 6 total students our ESL teacher has to work with this year. She no longer is doing all the elementary students as well as middle and high schoolers, which totaled more than 20 kids last year. She did not have the time our children needed. So she is feeling much more available and able to sit in classes/ pull them from classes for instruction than previously.

I did kick a little fuss and Chloe asked if they would get in trouble for me asking too much of the school. I assured her she would not, they were used to me by now:) I told the school the papers/ handbook that the kids bring home at the beginning of the year for them to sign and me to sign needed to be in Chinese for the kids. That them signing that they agree to certain rules/ set assignments makes no sense when they can't read well enough to even know what they are signing.

Ya think they would have thought of this? Nope. So I told them to get the stuff translated so the kids can understand it and follow the rules they are sure of. The teens are almost paranoid about getting in trouble at school- even though it would not be the end of the world. I think that follows them from treatments received in school back in China if one did not meet expectations:(

Miss Kitty told me how she knows her teacher's name. You'll just love this. "Mrs. Cutting- da- ham." You can tell the girl loves meat. I laughed and laughed but put it all together and she's got Mrs. Cunningham:)

Chance made me laugh too, he told Donovan to share something with him. Donovan came back with "What do you ever share with me?" And Chance had that all figured out with "My MOM- I share my mom with you!" Hummm- not sure how that works since I really was Donovan's first- but Chance wasn't getting that. He's the funniest kid. Almost always smiling and in a good mood.

Chase is liking school better it seems this year. He's seems happier and I got one of the 7 calls to just tell me he was "fitting in well and looked sharp." Okay then. No more weird t-shirt sewn into a jacket shirts from the orphanage that don't fit him anymore. I think he has gotten taller and filled out some.

Camden's BIG day is today, He is 11 today. Ahh where is time going? My youngest living son, my mini male me, my redheaded baby boy is getting so big. He's loving school, getting so tall, he's a great brother and son. We are very proud of how he has not resented any of the adopted children, foster children, he is a big help to them and enjoys being a part of a big family.

He's such a treasure. A gift from God. We love him so much.

I took cupcakes and juice for Camden's birthday to school, 'cause he said I had to. Just had to. He didn't care if I said I needed to paint, he HAD to have cupcakes. So I went and got cupcakes, more paint, more stain and will head back to the painting chore.

Anyone living close and loves to paint, well just come on over- no invite needed. Wear old clothes and grab a brush. You won't be kicked out of my house:))

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