Thursday, August 4, 2011


We have no Internet again while the dry wall goes in. So I am borrowing Internet to keep you all up to speed and so you don't call the police and tell them you think we all died. (MOM)

Yes, after 3 days of near tears and my hope of them showing up this week fading, they arrived bright and early this morning and are rapidly making us some walls.

I got up, opened the back door of the trailer and I could hardly believe my eyes. People, working at my house! I actually was so excited I shut the door and forgot my dog was out there taking a pee till I heard his bark and it sounded so distant- then I figured out I left him out there!!

I didn't know if I should yell at the drywallers or thank them for showing up? (Gonna leave you guessin' mom)

I did have my mouth drop to the floor when one of them said "When did you start this? " My reply "June 13" and he said "June, July, Aug, not bad."

WHaaaaaaaaaaTTTTTTTTT? Is he nuts? Not bad??? You'll be happy to know I didn't club him since it might deter him from finishing his job.

Chase did ask me very nicely to stop dancing around and hooting in glee before all the neighbors think we are a bunch of nuts. I didn't break it to him that it was too late for that:)))

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Adrian Roberta said...

Pictures!!!!! *please*