Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a mudder

It's so exciting! A mudder arrived! He actually arrived Monday but left equipment and even a cold drink on a window sill, but him? Nowhere in sight. I figured with our luck someone kidnapped him, or he died, or something else terrible.

But bright and early Tuesday he arrived, for real, in person and said he broke a break line on his truck Monday and had to take off to get it fixed.

He's working now and getting a ton done. I took him to the front door, showed him the trailer, told him the situation and told him not to "mess with me" - how long was it going to take him? He must have seen the crazed look in my eyes 'cause for once someone answered me truthfully. 1 week, possibly 1 1/2 weeks, depending on drying time.

So of course, the last 2 days it has rained- grrr. Thankfully just passing showers, not continuous rain.

I'm just thrilled to see work progressing. You see those dry wall hanging dudes were the epitome of what you DO NOT wish to have when your home is being remodeled. What do I mean?

Well---- honestly I have never seen a crew bring their own microwave in the house and hook it up for their breaks. Thought that was odd right there. Then every time we went up to the house they were "on break" and chain smoking all over my new house. I hate that. THEN they had the nerve to ask my kids for cheese for their hamburgers they were cooking for their lunch? All I could I think of was- please do some work!!

Anyway after this hard working dude (who I have yet see take a break) we paint, finish trim and flooring and MOVE IN. The floor guy is waiting on US, that's not going to be an issue of waiting on him. Don't know about the painter but I will do it myself if wait time is involved for him.

I was also happy to hear the mudder dude- whose name I do know! Shane who is actually called a "dry wall finisher" will also do the texture of the ceilings, one thing I can't do, so if they do that I can paint walls if needed to get moved in.

We're not fooling around anymore, we want in this house. Although we are learning new things every day about the temp home- Chloe finally learned that thing on the wall is a fan in the bathroom and when turned on can pull the heat out of the tiny bathroom when showering. She was amazed to learn this.

We learned when I took the calendar off the wall, that the switch behind it makes the 2 outlets along that wall work! We've also learned kitchen chairs with bottoms made of wafer board with no padding or cover equals OUCH- splinters in not-so-nice- places!

We've learned we can live without TV. Or phone. Or Internet, although dad finally figured out if he put the receiver for the Internet in the window at the house we can get (although weak) signal at the trailer! We've learned an appreciation of what we have in storage, as well as we have too much in storage that we DON'T need. Once in the house we will be parring that down- AGAIN.

We've seen the summer fly by, we've learned another lesson in patience.

I've also learned to eat healthier, gave up soda. I'm eating more like my adopted kiddos, much to their amusement. Fruits, veggies, I've even given dry ramen noodles a try. Still not the same as potato chips, but quite crunchy. I did laugh when Chloe and Chance argued how much of the flavor packet to put in for my "snack". Chance thinks more of anything is better, Chloe knows momma isn't big on a ton of flavoring.

I've also seen the kids get closer as a family, not that I am going to recommend you all move into a tiny trailer to get there:) Chance and Camden have built a very good relationship, Chloe has gotten more protective and playful with Kat.

Someday I realize we will look back at this time and laugh, we'll have fond memories of this place we ended up in much longer than expected, but for now we are so close we can hardly stand it.

The kids are all ready for school, Chance even arrived in the living room one morning with everything on, including shoes and backpack, for a "trial run" of the first day. That boy never fails to make me smile.

Chloe is still deciding what she is gonna wear, Kat is cool as long as it's something with H*llo Kitty on it. And it's pink, of course. We went to the meet and greet so all the kids know where to go the first day:)

I'd say we're ready, in more ways than one!

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Adrian Roberta said...

I am truly truly truly amazed your presevering so well! I would be a basket case by this point! Love it.