Friday, August 12, 2011

A giant among us

It's not a plant. It's not an animal, at least it's not supposed to be. It's DONOVAN. Bigger than a flying saucer, his feet have now reached mammoth proportions. His foot prints *may* just be mistaken for Big Foot's.

I kid you not--Size 15 people. As in ONE and FIVE -- 15! At age 17. Do any of you know how hard it is to FIND size 15 shoes? And then BOOTS- as he needed them for Vo Tech this year?

We went to a Surplus store where, lo' and behold, a giant pair of steel toed boots were sitting there. I thought "What are the odds they will fit?" So he tried them on. And they did! At $49.99 the price was super and we got them. The man filling shelves watched as Donovan tried them on and we were excited as they fit and he said "When those came in we wondered who would be big enough to fill those." I told him " There he is, only 17 and fillin' those boots."

I'm *hoping* and praying he stops growing soon. I didn't even know if I could find him socks for such a giant size, but good ol' Walm*rt had them in 12-15 size, It seems once you go past Size 15 you just are out of luck. I posted a picture of his boot and Kat's size 11 toddler shoes:)

I guess I could mention the house. The castle roy-ale. Humm. It has walls. Too bad the dry wall goofs, do not, I repeat, do NOT mud the dry wall. They just "hang it." So here I sit AGAIN, tapping every bit of patience left in me ( not much there-trust me) waiting for the "mudder" to come. 2 days now of no mudder.

And I wonder if the mudder will be the same one to PAINT, or is that yet another person I have to wait on? I don't think I even want to know the answer to that. I did find out the dry wall had to be "inspected" before the mudder can come, no one shared that with me till today, when he came. So that's done- even though I had no idea. See what I mean about being clueless how all this works?

The walls do look cool. It gives a better idea of the space. Oh, the garage doors are in and done too. Inserts in the windows and the windows correct at the top of the doors where no one can look in. (sorry mom you won't know if I am home or not unless you bring a ladder, of course)

The kids have been spending hours, and I mean HOURS in our yard. First it was the quest to do a perfect cartwheel. Once that got accomplished by all, someone noticed our driveway had a ton of slate stone, and when it comes apart often holds fossil impressions.

You'd thought we struck gold here. I tell ya. The kids are digging for these treasures and keeping all of them. Fighting over staked out "territory". They now have bags, boxes, pockets full of these stones, all worthy of keeping forever, of course.

I remember doing the same thing when we built our house, a mere mile from here when I was a kid. And I recall the fascination with those neat impressions, all made in these rock so many years ago.

It's fun to watch the kids enjoy this so much and see them making a memory so similar to mine as a child.

Last night dad took the kids to the local Fair. The kids had a blast, while I stayed home. Why, you ask? Suffering, a fever, chills, aches, not sure what I caught but it was nasty. I feel better today, and am thankful I do. I was miserable. Chance was sure it was because our new house is not done and wanted dad to call the contractor to tell him to "get it done NOW." I wish that would work?

Miss Kitty has a new look-- after the drama of her front tooth getting loose, then bleeding which totally traumatized her and she refused to wiggle it any more, 2 weeks later and it FINALLY came out. Camden "helped it" although he claims he only touched it and it fell out. I have my doubts because he was trying to "help" many times in that 2 weeks, causing it to bleed and her to cry more than once.

Gotta love those helpful brothers, right? Guess so when you have so many of them:) So Kat is minus one front tooth, a dollar richer and funny looking to us. Just not used to seeing her without that tooth yet. Although she's still cute as can be, of course.

Off to enjoy the weekend, another family reunion, this one for Dad's side of the family, quite a bit tamer than my family:) Come on mom, you know it's true! Chloe and Chance can't WAIT, they ask if every reunion is the one with "those meat things" (cabbage rolls) they love them and make total pigs out of themselves, last year they ate 7 EACH. And they aren't small. I'll let you know how many they put away this year:)

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Carla said...

LOL!!! My 12.5 year old wears a 13 wide men's shoe...I'm so going to be there with you in size 15 I'm sure!

Amazing to find another Mom out there dealing with the same issues - size 13+ and toddler size shoes (the girls are in 8toddlers)