Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dating 101

Sometimes it's easy to forget the teens are, well, teens. You know the "much younger" behavior doesn't make you think of dating, driving, with any GOOD warm, fuzzy feelings.

Much more like DREAD and a huge hope that they just don't ask to do those things. Ha ha on me. 'Cause they have. Asked. Not done either. YET.

It's not the driving either. It's the interest in dating. Chase to be specific, has shown quite the interest in how dating works here in America. To his forever goofy and teasing siblings, this is a source of amusement.

They decided to help him out with all they know. OIY.

They asked dad how he met me? When we were young? At a birthday party for his friend's girlfriend who happened to be MY friend, was his answer. No seats left when I got there, he looked at me with those blue eyes and so generously said " you can sit here" (meaning his lap) and I was a goner.

So the twins told Chase, "We'll have birthday party and take away all the chairs." Aren't they just too cute?

Then the whole pimple (they call them bubbles) problem came up. As in, Chase has them and the others do not, much to their delight to torment him about him checking his face 100 times a day (I kid you not!) for a new "bubble."

So dad told him the secret to not worrying about having bubbles and getting a girlfriend. It's huge- I almost feel like I shouldn't even share it folks. But share, I will. He said-------"get a girlfriend who has pimples too."

There you go, the deep, thoughtful advise of a father.

Now I want to know why I didn't think of that *fix all* solution?

I don't think I'm ready for all this dating/driving crap, let's hope they decide to wait till a birthday comes around. Oh,no-- that won't work, dad's birthday is this week.

I guess I better hunt up chairs and keep them in my sights then?


~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Hi Vickie,
Have him try witch hazel(terrible name, I know)to get rid of the pimples, my 17-year-old twins say it works great and costs less than $2 a bottle. You can find it in Walmart or any drug store next to the alcohol. Just rub some on with a cotton ball right before bed. Hope it works as well for him as it does for my kiddoes.

Chris said...

for pimples...put toothpaste on them just before bed...not the gel kind, the white kind.
Read this from some movie starlet...actually works