Monday, August 29, 2011

And off they went

To school. Bright and early, the kids were sooo wound up last night, I don't know how they got any sleep. But they were chipper as could be this morning, ready way before they needed to be.

They looked pretty sharp, if you ask me. I *might* be a bit bias but I am allowed to be:) Don't worry about Chase not smiling- the twins pick on him and tell him he "has no eyes" when he smiles, so he refuses to let me get a picture of him smiling. Teenage vanity. What can I say?

Camden goes with dad to work, gets dropped off at the sitter this year, as he is going to his last year of Elementary school at his old school. A big change for me and Miss Kitty, I think for her it will be a good change. It gives her over an hour of momma time all to herself. No bickering between those two. And next year he will leave with the teens for middle school- can't believe I am even writing that. Where did my red headed baby go?

He's a "pre-teen"as he informed me yesterday when he was moved up in Sunday school class. Not sure my heart can take it! Along with Donovan starting to drive and getting his own car (via his father) I can truly say, it does not get easier to watch your babies grow up and away with the more you have.

Each one is so special, it's hard not to want to hang onto them. Speaking of, we addressed an ongoing issue with the teens again last night. About not ditching them when they hit 18. All 3 of them will still be in high school past 18, but even so, they worry that they won't know how to get jobs, support themselves, etc.

And we did it. We told them they could live with us for as long as they wanted/needed. Now I HEAR all the groaning you people are doing. But I have no doubt these 3 will have gained so much maturity and self confidence by the time they are seniors in high school that they will have no issues with wanting to spread their wings.

And they need the security of us, knowing we got their backs, which is what family is all about. And that's why I said it. And meant it.

Chloe was trying to figure out how to get all my money before I croak, I swear these kids scare me sometimes. She figured out that 1/11 of an inheritance = NOT MUCH. So she told me when I am 90 I could buy her a house in Ch*na, that could be her money from me when I die. I was nice enough to inform her I will be using up everything I have (already am) on raising them and will have very little left to "give" them when I'm gone and I won't care 'cause I won't be here!! Ha Ha on her.

Now don't worry, she isn't planning on "doing me in"- She's just keeping tabs on what happens. She was deeply concerned the new house would be sold if we die 'cause she wants to keep it. And she also checked before she went to bed if I would be getting up early with them today and if I needed tea made. Humm-- It did kinda taste funny ( just kidding MOM- do not call the police!)

Camden was listening in on the "live with us forever conversation" and chimed in with "I can live with you forever?" And I told him "Yes, but your wife is probably NOT going to want to live with ME." Just so he knows. She also may want to know in advance that red headed dude has some names chosen for his children. A boy and a girl, mind you- NOT 12 like us. But he does also say he wants to adopt. As do all our other kids, except those older ones who say they never want kids, that our home was the best form of birth control they were ever exposed to. (I just ignore them when they say that)

Anyhoo- back to Camden- and the naming of his children. (He's almost 11) Sam will be his boy. I'm cool with that. The girl? COMET. As in, the cleaner or the reindeer? I'm not sure, but I'm thinking she's (wife or daughter) not gonna be happy with that one.

Kat has taken to writing me little notes lately. I find them in funny places. My purse- it said "Mom, here's a flower that has a scuffball. You always call me scuffball. I love you. Make a wish." Then one in my car "Mom, you said we would not be still living in the trailer when we went back to school, what happened?" As if she wasn't here?? To see the waiting on people to do work?

It just cracks me up and I seem to find those notes when I need them most. She's really something. I've been so blessed in my daughters, all 3 of them- soon to be 4.

Speaking of #4 daughter o'mine, Fi Fi as Chance calls her. He can't seem to get Phoebe, so he calls her Fi Fi. It's taking forever to get all the requirements this agency wants completed. And we are having to do more because we will not beat the deadline for new regulations from Ch*na that start in Oct. It's tough when you know the ropes, know when people are taking too long to get things done and can't do a thing about it. It's not an agency we worked with before:( Not by our choice either.

I guess the hardest part is knowing that the end result is a little girl waiting even longer for her family and not being able to get things moving along. I'm not so good with that- although I am learning to wait on God's timing as it is perfect.

I may not understand it. But I don't have to. He is perfect. Never wrong. And as I look at each of the treasures He has brought us and when, I know that He does have perfect timing. It's not been an easy road with some, but it was the right road and they came to us when they were meant to, as will Fi Fi.

For now though, the biggest part of our crew is off learning and I'm ALONE for the first time in 3 MONTHS. The silence- it's nearly killing me. No one has asked what's for lunch from 10:30 am on,no one is in the bathroom when I need in. Even the dog is looking at me like "what happened??"

I just don't know how to handle all the QUIET!!


Joy said...

Happy first day of school. You will have to head on over to my blog for some news.

Linette said...

I dunno...I'm not sure I'd dare to name my own child Comet, but it would be a great name for a character in a book! Just so long as her classmates don't mistake her for "comma" or "comment."

Chris said...

Yeah,the house is awfully quiet and I'm not getting any more done than when they were all at home.