Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not so giddy

Well, the house remodel adventures continue. The dry wall dude did not come this week, nope, instead he chose to injure his ankle. I know (mom) the nerve of him.

He is expected to arrive now on Tuesday of next week. We'll just see if that comes true. The spouting dudes came and we now have gutters and spouting. Yeah! All the little jobs, the back deck, the pole trim on the front porch, that's all done.

I did threaten to move in sans walls, I mean open floor plan is all the rage, right? No looking for a stud (that's a board mom, not a cute man) to hang a picture, they would be right there in the open. I'd know everything the kids were doing. The contractor just laughed at me:(

Snag of the day- garage doors came. As the garage door dude (can you tell I'm terrible with names?) got working, I had a friend stop by for a tour that ended at the garage doors. And I took one look and went "huh?" Uh oh. Not the right color. No way. Nor do I want windows that allow anyone to look in my garage and see if we are home (I did not say YOU mom) so I now have a call in to the contractor.

They will not be remaining on the garage so the nice picture I wanted to post today of my house with everything done except the stone and shutters ain't happenin'. And the "just paint them" option is a no go too, I did that at the last house every YEAR and do not intend to do it here too.

Good thing is that even though it takes up to 3 weeks to get new garage doors, I do not NEED garage doors to move in so I refuse to be upset by such a silly thing as the wrong colored doors.

We planted some shrubs last evening that I got on clearance, and stood looking at them saying "We'll be sitting on our porch for years to come saying I helped plant that- look how big it has gotten!" One plant was called Holly China girl, we thought that was pretty funny and appropriate for our yard.

The kiddos have been busy gathering all the left over wood and nails for the highly anticipated club house dad has told them he will help them build. They wanted a boy one and a girl one but they are getting ONE they have to share. Sorry kids.

Some times the kids come off with things, recently we were planting a bush when Chance took off his shirt and Camden commented on his birthmark on his side. Odd thing is ALL of my kids have birthmarks, as well as me. Anyway, Chance said "mother in China need to know if child has this so if someone take-ahh her child she know her child and can get him back."

I never know quite what to say, so I just nodded and told him I "knew" his birthmark and no one would take him from me. I hoped it was the right thing to say, you just don't expect some of the conversations I find myself in sometimes even daily with my teens.

Chance told me when I die he wants to cut off my hair and keep it to remind him of me. OIY. And no, I don't plan on doing that soon, but that was another weird conversation. As well as him telling me he likes burnt toast but when I am old and he has to cook for me he knows I do not like burnt toast so he won't burn mine:)

I think that conversation came from us making and delivering a meal to one of our special older ladies of our church who is no longer able to cook and we all take turns making her meals each week. It was tougher with us only having a grill we are cooking with, but we managed some grilled fish, rice (one burner on the grill) plus green beans and then watermelon for dessert. That was our supper too.

Chase has been mad lately, he got lippy, then mean, then blew up. His usual cycle. I told him, you need to stop doing this, even though his blow ups are much milder these days. But I told him,"You don't have to do this to get us to say we wanted you, we love you and no matter what you do we are keeping you, we will never give up on you." He snapped out of the anger faster than I have ever seen him do.

After a year+ home it seems we are making good headway and can be more matter of fact with him- to which he responds to better. Learning about our son. He's one complex, deep person who cares so much. He's very special.

Miss Kitty has been wiggling away at her front tooth, it was loose, but when it bled and then hurt she stopped trying to get it to come out. She has been whiney lately, the extended daylight/bedtime hours have helped her grouchiness, nor has trailer life helped her rest well either:(

I did have dad get our swing out of storage, I told him I needed one thing at the house to make it seem like home, and what better than a porch swing? I'm not a terribly materialist person but having everything we own in storage so long is taking a toll as well. I miss our big table where we can all sit down to a meal:(

It's all good though, we know this is just temporary then we will be in our house and there will be no going back. And that's a wonderful future for us to look forward to:)

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Monkey Tales said...

Caidi finally lost her first tooth! Whats the going rate for the tooth fairy these days?