Saturday, July 23, 2011

No laughing

I kid you not, I am sitting on the mower using the hood for a desk. Trying to type fast as darkness rapidly falls. Why? Well.... no drywall man made it to my house this week and I just don't feel like sitting on the porch wishing my house was getting work done on it:(

So the only place to get Internet access is OUTSIDE the trailer. So here I am. Confirming to the neighbors we are nuts. We sit on garden tractors with computer in the dark. What else they gonna think of people who have 12 kids?

It's major birthday time around here, the twins celebrated yesterday and my bro.. who made it in from Japan with his family turned older than me today:) Always good to be the "younger sis." Ha ha!

Chance was horrified when I told him I "didn't buy a cake because the twins don't like cake." He was all worked up thinking no one would come to his birthday party (less gifts for him) if mother didn't serve birthday cake.

How terrible am I to mess with him that way? I had my friend make them an ICE CREAM cake. I didn't BUY cake. So he was surprised, as well as happy as could be over his gift- A GUN. Now before I receive a call from we all know who-- it' s a foam dart gun that can't take any one's eye out (MOM) and yes, I'm sure!

Chloe got smaller things since we paid for her plane ticket for her to go to Costa R*ca on a missions trip next year with our church, but she was no less happy with her new pillow and shag pink round rug for her new room. She came to me later and hugged me, kissed me and thanked me. She still hates to be the center of attention for anything but she is getting more used to it for birthdays at least:)

We weren't sure what to do as far as a party for the twins and the horrible heat wave we are in but believe it or not we fit 23 people in our little temporary home to celebrate the occasion. AND we got the party done before everyone needed to leave for Vacation Bible School. Are we good or what? Ha Ha!

We've been swimming every day, since the temps here are outrageously high. We are hoping for the cool off predicted to come in tomorrow. Otherwise I think I really will melt away.... didn't the wicked witch do that?? Uh oh.

Well, it's totally dark now and the children came out with flashlights to find me-- so my time is up.


Adrian Roberta said...

Oh my goodness, you always always make me laugh......

Julie said...

Wow, its been at least two weeks since I have been able to catch up on your blog. I thought you would have been in the house by now. So sorry that you're not :(
But like Adrian said you do know how to make me laugh :)