Friday, July 1, 2011

Me and a Mouse

Let me just tell you all that I hate rodents. With a passion. Could live life completely without them.

But alas, the children have behaved quite well with all the disruption of construction as well as us having our second and last visit with the social worker who has our Home Study for Phoebe all but DONE:)))

And kids who (gasp) have never been to the Mouse Palace- better known around here as Chuckie Ch**se's and they were fascinated. Begging to go.

So off we went with their BFF's, and play they did. I never saw a kid (Chance) who went through tokens at such a fast pace. He was like a mad man. I bought tokens 3 times as well as crappy pizza and they got a few hours of fun and some "junk" toys- as Chase called them. Can't pull nothin' over on that one:)

Even Donovan had a good time. We pretty much had the place to ourselves, but my fondness for the mouse was not increased by that. I came home and needed--

1. Tylenol

2. A nap

We hit the home store and got all the older kids keys to the castle. They picked out orange neon, a pink princess, motorcycle, skulls- no plain, dull keys for these kids.

In house news, the porch is done. The garage is done except the wiring and siding. The inside is waiting for the "dry wall dude" and then it will be paint, floors, MOVE IN!!

The plumber has come and gone. He left us with a hooked up 80 gallon water tank and the coolest board of flex pipes, I forget what he called it, but it allows 2 people to shower at once, no cold shower. Flush a toilet while someone showers, no screaming anymore! It ended up being cheaper to re-do all the plumbing than to fix what was here- OIY. Lots of things have turned out that way, but in the end it means we are basically starting out with a new house all around. Plumbing, electric, walls, well, fixtures, etc. All new.

The kids went to track last night and then went for ice cream. They were with our friends when someone asked their mom about adoption. And she said I would be happy to talk with them and help them if they wanted to adopt. So I was confused when they came home and were asking me if I got paid to help people adopt? I said "no, I just wanted to see as many children as possible get a family." Then they wanted to know if we are "famous" and I told them- Uh, no, I don't think so."

Somehow this went into the President of the US, that HE should know EVERY single person- wow, they sure have high expectations for our leader! I understood more (about the adopting, not about the president) of their conversation once their friend's mom told me about the family interested in adopting.

As their mom told my children, God gives each of us special talents, gifts, passions, and mine is children. And I am thankful I am able to make a difference for so many children.

I can honestly say our children have given us so much more than we give them- and I don't mean lip either:)

I mean they have such amazing spirits, amazing growth, amazing personalities, it's never boring in our house. So if your life needs a little spice, a lot of laughter, a JOY is missing, you too, can look to bring home a child in need.

There's 163 MILLION children that need families all around the world.

Pray to God and He will guide, cover the fees, give you strength, courage, willpower, and bring the perfect child to your family.

Don't be afraid, don't do NOTHING. You are missing out!! Even during the rough waters, these children are sooooooo worth it:)

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Lara said...

Uhm...I think your family is famous! Famous for your passion and love for all your kids and about other kiddos finding their forever families.